Post final of the Libertadores, in Vélez they celebrated the victory of Fluminense

Fluminense defeated 2-1 Boca this Saturday at the Maracaná and was consecrated Copa Libertadores champion for the first time in its history. After this achievement of the cast of Rio de Janeiro, a handful of young people fans of Velez decided to enter the stadium… with Floo balloons!

In the preview of the meeting between Vélez and Talleres at the José Amalfitani this Sunday, the presence of a group of children who decided to celebrate the conquest of the Tricolor. “They are friends and have the same colors as us,” one explained.

The Velez mini fan also acknowledged that he shouted John Kennedy’s goal in extra time, which ended up being final and gave Flu the title. “Yes, I shouted it. If they are friends of Vélez”the kid reinforced his position in dialogue with ESPN, with the Rio club balloon in hand.

Although the attitude of these guys caught my attention, especially knowing that Fluminense beat an Argentine team in the final, it is true that Vélez has maintained a great relationship with the Brazilian team for decades and it is not strange to see people in Liniers with their shirt.

Velez 6-11-2023

The boys from Vélez went to Amalfitani with Fluminense balloons

How did the friendship between Vélez and Fluminense arise?

The origin of the good bond between clubs is purely linked to the colors of the clothing. In its beginnings, Vélez did not wear its characteristic blue V, but rather He used clothing very similar to that of Fluminensewith red, green and white canes.

Over the years, the different brands that dressed the Fortín have made special t-shirts in tribute to that era and practically every year, since 1993, a new model has been launched.

When a group of friends who are fans of the Liniers team They went on vacation to the beaches of Rio wearing those jackets, caught the attention of some Fluminense fans who little by little came closer to see what it was about. That was the beginning of the friendship.

The relationship first extended to the bars of both teams, La Pandilla de Liniers and Young Flu, then to other fans who began to use each other’s clothing and finally it reached the leadership of both clubs who They formally established a link in 2012.

Directors of Vélez and Fluminense in 2012 (photo: Vélez press).Directors of Vélez and Fluminense in 2012 (photo: Vélez press).

Was there a contravention?

Vélez was left with a point against Talleres

Although Flu is at the peak of its history, Vélez, on the contrary, is immersed in a tough crisis and is fighting at the bottom of the table. With the 1-1 against the T, Fortín is located 21st in the annual tablewith three points ahead of relegation.

These last two dates of the first phase of the Professional League Cup will be key in the objective of maintaining the category. His The next game will be against Argentinos Juniors in La Paternal and then they will host Colón in a direct duel for permanence.

Vélez’s goals 1-1 Talleres

Córdoba Workshops 6-11-2023

Great goal from Garro for the 1-0 of the T

Claudio Aquino 6-11-2023

Aquino tied the game for Vélez

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