Poll: Most Americans oppose Biden’s policies towards Ukraine and Israel

More than half of American citizens oppose President Joe Biden’s policies in the context of resolving conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, according to the results of a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University.

The poll showed that 49% of respondents do not agree with Biden’s approach to resolving the conflict in Ukraine, and 47% evaluate the US administration’s decisions negatively.

In addition, 54% of Americans oppose Biden’s policies in the current conflict between Israel and Palestine.

37% of the survey participants expressed their approval of the US President’s policy regarding these events.

The poll concluded that “indicators of satisfaction with President Biden’s foreign policy are decreasing, and American voters’ dissatisfaction with his position on the war between Israel and Hamas has increased sharply over the past two weeks.”

The poll showed that 61% of Americans surveyed generally disagreed with President Joe Biden’s approach to foreign policy issues.

The survey was conducted between November 9 and November 13 and included 1,574 adult citizens in the United States.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that the ability of the United States to provide assistance to the Kiev authorities is diminishing day by day because Congress does not allocate additional funds for this purpose.

A poll conducted by the Financial Times showed that about 50% of Americans believe that President Joe Biden’s policies have harmed the country’s economy.

The Washington Post newspaper considered that Washington’s policy towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict threatens to harm the United States’ positions in the Middle East and on the international scene.

A poll of Americans last October 27 showed a record decline in Democratic support for US President Joe Biden due to the latter’s position in support of Israel against the backdrop of the recent escalation in the Gaza Strip.

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