Politicians, including Marzouki, go on a hunger strike in solidarity with political prisoners in Tunisia

The Tunisian Ennahdha Movement said that 20 political figures are on a hunger strike in solidarity with those detained in prisons, while the investigating judge decided to release the leader of the Ennahda Movement, Noureddine El-Behairi, in the “conspiracy” case and keep him detained in connection with another case.

Among the figures who announced their entry into the “battle of the empty stomach” were former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki, former Foreign Minister Rafik Abdel Salam, and Egyptian opposition figure Ayman Nour.

Abdel Salam said in his account on the “X” platform that “today he will begin a hunger strike for 3 consecutive days, in solidarity with the prisoners of conscience in Tunisia, including politicians, bloggers, and human rights activists who are unjustly detained in the coup prisons.”

The former Foreign Minister continued by saying that the hunger strike also comes “to protest the use of the judiciary for personal purposes, and to demand the restoration of the hard-won constitutional and democratic system in our country and the alleviation of the difficulties facing our people.”

On the other hand, the investigating judge in the Anti-Terrorism Complex decided to release the leader of the Ennahda movement, Nour El-Din El-Beheiri, in a case known as conspiracy against state security, while El-Beheiri remained in detention pending a second case on charges of what is known as changing the state body, according to what was confirmed to Al-Jazeera by Saida Al-Akrami. Nour El-Din El-Behairy’s wife.

Yesterday, Monday, the Defense Authority for Political Prisoners in Tunisia announced that five detainees would go on a hunger strike starting Monday morning in protest against their arrest in what is known as the “conspiracy case against state security.”

Issam Al-Shabi, Abdel Hamid Al-Jalasi, Ghazi Al-Chaouachi, Khayyam Al-Turki, and Reda Belhaj embarked on a hunger strike, in protest against the continuation of what the statement described as “the judicial farce used by the authorities to deprive them of their freedom for many months without providing any evidence of the accusations against them.”

The five strikers joined the head of the Ennahdha Movement, Rashid Ghannouchi, who announced the start of a strike last Friday “in solidarity with the member of the National Salvation Front, Johar Ben Mubarak, who went on a hunger strike 4 days ago in defense of the demand of all political detainees to be released,” according to a statement issued by the Ennahda Movement. Last Friday.

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