Poker star accused of cheating in $250,000 buy-in game: ‘Your antics are the worst’

Professional poker star Martin Kabrhel is being investigated amid allegations that he cheated during a World Series of Poker event that forced participants to pay a $250,000 buy-in.

Footage shows Caprile, 40, calling out fellow poker star Dan Smith after he was eliminated on June 18.

Smith, who is in sixth place, acknowledges his good-byes to the other players at the table when Caprile is left hanging in the wind.

“Your antics are the worst I’ve ever played with,” Smith tells Caprile after parrying him with a pair of sixes.

“Good luck to most of you. I hope you get banned (banned),” Smith directs to Copperhill.

Kabrhel finished third and took home a $2.3 million prize from the Super High Roller No-Limit Hold’em event, which he called “The Biggest Buy of the Summer” and started with a record of 69 entrants.

The embarrassing moment went viral on social media after other professional players came to Smith’s defense – some claiming Kabrhel had a history of “marking the cards”.

Dan is 100% right. Martin should be banned. He has a history of repeatedly marking cards to try to cheat and everyone in the high roller community knows that…,” the poker player exasperated Hayley Hanna tweetedMr. Dr.

Not only that, but Martin makes the experience unpleasant by being rude, yelling in people’s ears nonstop, taking full time when he knows he’s foldable, and standing over people to “see their group” when he’s clearly trying to “corner,” she continues.

Andrew Rubel, a professional poker player from Michigan, also called out Kabrhel – saying he saw him “mark cards in every tournament” he played.

“He makes any tournament uninteresting for anyone and on top of that I’ve seen him save cards in every tournament I’ve ever played with him.” he tweeted.

Marking cards is a cheating method used in card games, in which a player changes cards so that he knows what his opponent is holding.

The World Series of Poker took notice of the heated incident on the video and later issued a statement regarding the matter.

said the WSOP in a statement to the Las Vegas Review-magazine. “As this is an ongoing investigation, there is no further comment on the matter at this time.”

Kabirhel defended himself in a series of tweets, saying he was “shocked” by the cheating allegations.

40 years old too Note that he is taking legal action against Smith, Koppel, and other players alleging cheating including Chance Cornoth and Justin Bonomo, for defamation.

“On behalf of yesterday’s case I feel it is necessary to speak out,” he tweeted. @Andrew_Robl yesterday posted on Twitter an accusation that I am card marking and cheating in poker tournaments. I was shocked at how quickly people took it as true and pure statement without evidence and started a media blizzard being portrayed as a cheat.

Kabrhel, a Czech Republic veteran with two World Series of Poker Europe bracelets, has a total earnings of $11,703,313.

His salary from Sunday was the second largest ever, according to Bleacher Report.

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