Patrick Dempsey is the sexiest man alive, according to ‘People’

BarcelonaAfter years on the podium, he has finally been crowned the winner in 2023. Patrick Dempsey is “the sexiest living man in the world” according to the magazine People. With this new proclamation, the American actor, from Maine, takes over from Chris Evans, the actor who plays Captain America in the film The first avengers.

Although Dempsey, 57, has not received this title until now, he has been playing the handsome role wherever he works for years. This is the case of films like My girlfriend’s wedding, Sweet home Alabama or playing the character of Derek Shepherd, the neurosurgeon in the series that brought him fame, Grey’s Anatomy. Dempsey has acknowledged that after so many years representing the stereotypical characters of an attentive, elegant man with a mischievous smile, at this point he was no longer expecting this title. “It was a real surprise, I thought it was a joke,” says the sexiest man alive in the world.

The American magazine has dedicated the cover to Dempsey and also an interview, where the actor confesses to being “happy” that the distinction comes to him “at this moment in his life.” For the actor it is a recognition that “makes the ego rise a little, but above all it gives strength to do positive things.” In this sense, years ago he founded the Dempsey Center medical center, specialized in oncological treatments, as a result of the illness suffered by his mother.

On November 17, Patick Dempsey releases his latest film, which is called Black Friday, a horror film set in Massachusetts on Thanksgiving Day. But Dempsey’s professional projection does not end there; a few weeks later it also premieres Ferrari, a film that suits the actor like a glove, because he is a renowned fan of cars and speed.

Diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 12, he debuted on the big screen at just 19 years old, with the filmHeaven help usalong with Donald Sutherland.

Magazine People It has been dedicated annually for almost four decades to choosing men, often models or actors, to grant them a title that rewards them according to social canons of beauty. The idea arose in 1985, when the magazine’s editor, Jess Cagle, stated at a work meeting that Mel Gibson was “the sexiest living man in the world.” The phrase became the motto of an award that is now a tradition.

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