Participants in the “Media and Marketing Strategies” session: Media and marketing for projects, knowing the budget and customers’ desire to purchase products is important

Atef Ramadan

In the Media and Marketing Strategies session, which was moderated by the trainer and writer, Awatef Al-Sabah, the founder and director of the h&s store company, Fahd Al-Muzn, said that media and marketing need to study strategies in general, business marketing, knowledge of its budget, timing, social media readings, customers’ desire to own the product, and communication with the public.

Co-founder and CEO of the “Beams” educational application, Youssef Al-Husseini, talked about the beginning of his project and its goal, which is to solve the problem and understand students’ behavior.

Al-Husseini added that choosing markets is important and studying challenges such as implementing the idea or project, the speed of technological development, and keeping pace with the labor market.

In turn, the general manager of Atyab Al-Marshoud Company, Marshoud Al-Marshoud, said that the media vision of the merchant must be linked to the desire of the customer and the arrival of the product to the consumer, indicating that there is a demand for the Arab brand in the world of Arab perfumes.

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