Participants in Sandooq Al Watan Camp: Summer camps are an opportunity to discover skills

Students participating in the summer camp of Sandooq Al Watan, which is currently taking place in Abu Dhabi and Al Ruwais, stressed the importance of the camp in making optimal use of the summer vacation and benefiting from the rich programs that deal with strengthening national identity, stimulating innovation and creativity among young people, in addition to encouraging ideas and the possibility of converting them into projects that stimulate entrepreneurship among graduates.

The opinions of the participants in Sandooq Al Watan summer programs varied, but the common message that was emphasized is that these events represent an exceptional opportunity for Emirati youth to discover and develop their skills and show their creativity, while enhancing their love for the homeland and social cohesion.

Education and entertainment

Student Mustafa Al-Attas said: This summer initiative, which brought together male and female students from all over the Emirates, is a wonderful opportunity for learning and entertainment in an environment that stimulates creative thinking and talent development.

He stressed that the summer camp encouraged him to manage the summer vacation optimally, explore his abilities and develop his skills in an inspiring creative way through an agenda that extends until August 10, and this long period of 30 days is a sufficient opportunity to enjoy the activities provided at the cultural, scientific and entertainment levels.

Getting to know the heritage

Al-Attas stressed the importance of the summer camp in promoting national identity and enhancing the spirit of loyalty to the homeland, saying: Pride in our beloved homeland is a source of inspiration for all of us through various activities, and I found myself discovering more details about our rich history and heritage.

For his part, student Khaled Zakaria expressed his happiness at participating in the interactive programs and artistic workshops, and said: I learned a lot in this camp, as the activities motivate me to develop my talents and realize my ideas in innovative ways.

He added: The timetable prepared for the 30-day camp period included 3 main axes, which are “my idea, my role model and my future.” These axes are sufficient to prepare students for the future by stimulating their creativity and supporting the ideas and projects presented, which opens wide horizons for young people to entrepreneurship and establish startups.

Emirati culture

In turn, Ghalia Sultan indicated that Emirati arts and culture represent a sublime message to enhance identity and celebrate national symbols.

And she continued: Through the play that we watched, “The House of Dolls” by Emirati director Abdullah Saleh, I found that art can communicate values ​​and heritage in a fun and effective way, and it also stimulates and encourages students to develop their talents, whether in speech, writing, or any available creative field. In the context, Badriya Al Hosani expressed her admiration for the “My Idea” program, which enables them to design programs and ideas that contribute to the development of society.

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