Othman Muhammad Ali in an interview before departure: My batch is Jalal Al-Sharqawi and Abu Bakr Ezzat

The late artist’s solution Othman Muhammad Ali And his daughter, the artist Salwa Othman, were guests on the program “One of the People,” presented by the journalist Amr El-Laithi on Al-Hayat channel, before his passing. Othman Muhammad Ali spoke about his beginnings and his generation, saying: “I graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1958 and practiced the profession throughout these years, and presented many Among the employees and classmates are Jalal Al-Sharqawi, Abu Bakr Ezzat, and Hassan Youssef.”

The artist Othman Muhammad Ali added, during his guest appearance on the “One of the People” program: “Our generation was distinguished by understanding, commitment and respect, and these are the qualities of a successful artist, while the current generation lacks these qualities.”

Artist Salwa Othman indicated that she learned many things from her father, including commitment, and she took from him artistic genes and honesty in art.

The artist, Othman Muhammad Ali, explained that his two sons, Salwa and Hisham, practiced acting since they were young. They were in children’s theatre, and they loved art since they were young. Their mother is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, and he married her while we were students in 1955.

He pointed out that Hussein’s role in the Hajj Metwally series was a marginal role, and I spoke with Nour El-Sherif, but he said wait, and indeed he was the second role.

Artist Othman Muhammad Ali (1)

Artist Othman Muhammad Ali (2)

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