‘OT 2023’: these are the 18 contestants who aspire to enter the academy

'OT 2023' contestants.  (Prime Video)
‘OT 2023’ contestants. (Prime Video)

OT 2023 is ready to start. Four days after its official start, Prime Video has revealed the name of the 18 contestants that on November 20th they will take the stage for the first time during the Gala 0 to show that they deserve a place in the academy. It will be a day full of nerves, not only because it will be its premiere, also because two of them will be left out of the program and they will have to say goodbye to their dream.

It has not been an easy selection, because as revealed from the program, 13,000 applicants have applied, of which a total of 31 ended up as finalists. With Manu Guix on the piano and Noemí Galera at the head of a jury of experts, these thirty applicants He experienced a first filter that can be seen in the two episodes broadcast by Prime Video, called ‘Final Casting’. From them have come the 18 names that, starting Monday, will strive to get the best out of themselves and win OT 2023.

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Álex Márquez, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Álex Márquez, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

Born in Córdoba, Álex is 24 years old. and is dedicated to the world of music as a producer, singer and composer. About the contest, he said that “getting this far has been very important for me because I had a huge existential crisis a week before the casting, of wanting to leave everything.”

Álvaro Mayo, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Álvaro Mayo, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

From Seville Álvaro Mayo arrives, who at his 21 years He works in an orchestra as a singer. And although she finished the last test thinking that “she didn’t go as I would have liked”, going so far as to improvise in the final part, she finally showed she had the talent to try her luck in the program.

Bea, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Bea, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

At 19 years old and from Madrid Bea arrives, a Primary Education Teaching student whose dream is music and she works giving introductory music and piano classes to children.

Chiara, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Chiara, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

Music is the center of life Chiara, a 19-year-old Mallorcan who studies at the Barcelona Higher School of Music and who acknowledged at the casting that she was very close to her mother.

Cris, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Cris, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

Although his name is Cristian, they prefer to be called Cris, since that is how they know him in Tenerife, where it is. Has 24 years and is part of a musical theater company.

Denna, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Denna, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

“My name is Almudena, my stage name is Denna. I am 22 years old, I am from Granada”. This was the letter of introduction of the Andalusian, who has just finished the double degree in Dramatic Art and Performing Arts in Malaga.

Edu, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Edu, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

Singer and actorEdu is 25 years old and is from Tenerife, where he works in a company. According to her confession, this has been the third time that she has appeared at the casting.

Juanjo, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Juanjo, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

Magallón, a small town near Zaragoza, is the hometown of Juanjo Bona, who lives in Madrid for studies. Although he is studying Naval Engineeringfor this young man from 19 years Music is his daily passion.

Lina del Sol, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Lina del Sol, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

From Vigo comes Lina, a 20-year-old Advertising and Public Relations student for whom his priority is music.

Lucas, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Lucas, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

Lucas He is 22 years old and is from Uruguay, although he has lived in Barcelona for two years. As she said, his “true passion, what I love in life, is singing, being a singer.”

Martin, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Martin, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

“I have always loved music and the arts, everything related to them,” said Martin, a 18 year old Biscayan who had been preparing for three years to come of age and try his luck in OT.

Naiara, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Naiara, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

Naiara is the oldest of the edition. He is 26 years old, he is from Zaragoza and has been dedicating himself professionally to music for 17 years. Currently he sings in an orchestra, but also composes his own songs.

Omar, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Omar, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

Omar is from Guadalajara, he is 26 years old and works as a Health Emergency Technician, although he is applying to be a firefighter. Despite her, music is also his dream and he has chosen to stop his plans and try his luck.

Paul, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Paul, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

From Granada arrives Paul, a 20-year-old Audiovisual Communication student that he has grown up seeing Triumph operation. He now arrives wanting to follow in the footsteps of his countrywoman, Rosa López, who like him is also from the town of Armilla.

Ruslana, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Ruslana, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

Ukrainian by birthRuslana has been in Spain “for a long time”, specifically in the Canary Islands. He is 18 years old and is studying high school, but her dream would be to be a professional singer.

Salma, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Salma, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

Salma from Malaga is 20 years old and he is professionally dedicated to music, as he performs live in different bars and beach bars. Furthermore, she has confessed to being a true fan of OT.

Suzete, contestant on 'OT 2023'.  (Prime Video)
Suzete, contestant on ‘OT 2023’. (Prime Video)

Suzete is 22 years old and was born in the African country of Sao Tome and Principe, although she grew up in Portugal. She has lived in Spain for a decade and for her, as she has stated, it is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Violeta, 'OT 2023' contestant.  (Prime Video)
Violeta, ‘OT 2023’ contestant. (Prime Video)

Also from Granada Violeta arrives, from 22 years, who resides in Motril. Communication student, he became a finalist for OT 2020although it couldn’t be.

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