Osorio: We wanted to play the ball, but Ismaily wasted time

Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio, coach of the Zamalek team, confirmed that he greets his team’s players after today’s Ismaili match in the Premier League competition, and the coach criticized the Ismaili players for wasting time in the second half, explaining that the two teams did not play 45 minutes in the second half.

The coach said in the press conference after the match: “We wanted to play football, but the opponent wanted to waste time, and the Ismaili players wasted a lot of time and this spoils the fun of football,” stressing that the opponent won his way.

And the coach said: “For me, any player who cannot participate in the 90 minutes will not be with me, and Mahmoud Abdel Razek “Shikabala” was able to participate during the entire match.

Osorio continued, saying: “Before the match, I knew that player No. 6 in Ismaily, Sergei Aka, is the most prominent player in the opposing team, and I wanted to stop him, so I pushed Hossam Abdel Majeed in the middle of the field to reduce his danger.”

The coach of Al-Abyad stressed that the Zamalek team lost many balls in the middle of the field, and it is necessary to increase focus in the coming period and avoid the mistakes that the players made.

Regarding the winch’s injury, Osorio said: “Tomorrow, the vision will become clear regarding the winch’s injury, and I hope that his injury is minor.”

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