Opinion poll: Do you think that the impact of human genome editing technology will be to enhance the quality of life… or hinder it?

Within the framework of the great global trend towards human genome technology and its modern applications, including human genetic modification using CRISPR, which has caused a major scientific revolution recently, due to the great potential of this CRISPR technology to treat various genetic and complex diseases, and the possibility it offers in modifying private DNA. us to be with relatively healthy human specifications. However, at the same time, it reflects serious moral implications for what is acceptable to change.

So we had to shed light on the general position in society regarding the impact of human genome modification technology in light of the need for some people who have children with special needs or suffer from rare and hereditary diseases. And exploring the future of genome editing from the various religious, social, economic, health, psychological, as well as legal and political aspects, and their role in promoting or hindering specific uses of this emerging technology based on the United Nations reports of the World Health Organization for the years 2019 and 2021 related to the modification of the human genome.

It is worth noting that gene editing/modification also known as germ line modification is known: about the possibility of modifying human eggs, sperm and embryos, improving gene therapy for people with genetic and complex diseases as well as modifying the traits that people inherit. Gene editing is undoubtedly one of the most promising works of science for all of humanity.

Therefore, we hope that you will kindly answer the options below after reading each statement carefully, and placing a tick (√) in the appropriate place for each statement, knowing that all answers will be subject to care, attention and confidentiality, and will only be used for journalistic research purposes only.

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