Only 5 minutes restore your focus and relaxation

Researchers at the University of Sydney found that a person needs a full five-minute break from thinking in order to regain focus after engaging in complex tasks.

“If you want your work or study to be more productive, you need to take a five-minute break,” said educational psychology expert Dr. Paul Gaines.

“You have to do something different,” he added. Step away from the computer or phone, do some regular breathing, or sit quietly to take your mind off the task. Passing videos and posts on social media is not a convenience, you need a break from the devices.”

According to “Medical Express”, the research team conducted an experiment with the participation of 72 university students, which included a 20-minute mathematics test, under different conditions for each group of participants.

One group received a five-minute rest, while the second group did not, and it was found that those who took a spontaneous five-minute rest after the test maintained attention for the longest possible time, while the other found it difficult to maintain focus and attention.

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