One reason prevents Karim Benzema from talking about the Jeddah Union negotiations

Today, Spanish press reports revealed the interpretation of the statements made by Karim Benzema, the Real Madrid star, about the possibility of his leaving the team and heading towards the Saudi Professional League.

Karim Benzema won the title of legend, or the award of the season, from the Marca newspaper, which is awarded to the best players in La Liga, in a big celebration, which was held this evening.

The name Karim Benzema was associated with the move to the Saudi Jeddah Federation, in light of the presentation of a large and huge offer that amounted to 100 million euros per season.

One reason prevents Karim Benzema from talking about the Jeddah Union negotiations

Journalist Jose Badia stated on social media today: “The only explanation for Benzema’s answers is that he does not want to confirm his departure to Saudi Arabia until everything is signed.”

And he continued, “Therefore, Real Madrid must give him the green light, because he still has a contract.”

Karim Benzema said in his statements to the Spanish newspaper “Marca” today: “My individual performance? I always needed my teammates. This award and other awards belong to everyone.”

The first comment from Benzema after the news of his departure from Real Madrid

And he continued, “When I say people who know football, I mean professional footballers, everyone can play, but we play at the professional level.”

He continued: “I am not a number 9 or 10 player. I know how to score goals, but I love football and I love moving around the field and assisting and doing things that I have not seen before. I have always liked another striker, Ronaldo is not like Santillana, and I am not like Ronaldo, but I I’m trying to be like him.”

And Karim Benzema added: “My future?

And he continued, “Will I stay in Madrid? Now I have a match on Sunday, and then we’ll see.”

In response to a question, do you talk to Real Madrid fans?

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