On Municipal Day, workers with 25 years of service were recognized

In an event that took place this morning in the White Room of the Municipal Palace, the Municipality of Tandil presented distinctions to 47 employees from different areas of the commune who completed 25 years of service.

The meeting was led by Mayor Miguel Lunghi and members of his cabinet, other municipal officials, authorities from the Municipal Workers Union and friends and family of the distinguished people also participated.

Agents from the Legal and Technical Secretariat, Secretary of Human Development and Habitat, Integrated Public Health System, Undersecretary of Culture and Education, Ramón Santamarina Hospital, General Directorate of Services, General Directorate of Roads, General Directorate of Parks and Walks were recognized. , General Directorate of Sanitary Works, Environmental Directorate, Bromatology Directorate, Urban Development Directorate, Misdemeanor Court, María Ignacia – Vela Delegation, Cemetery, Municipal Band, and Dispatch Department.

Before formally presenting the medals in recognition of their career and work, the mayor congratulated and thanked all the workers who completed 25 years of work in the Municipality.

“The ceremony of awarding medals to municipal employees who have dedicated 25 years of their lives to the service of the community is a tradition that always fills our municipality and me in particular with pride. The permanence of a municipal government, like the one I had the honor of leading for the last 20 years would not be possible without the tireless work and dedication of our team of municipal employees,” he said.

Furthermore, the communal chief pointed out that “it is you who, day after day, make it possible for Tandil to continue to be a place where we all want to live, work and enjoy life.”

“In an ever-changing world, where careers and jobs are often ephemeral, your dedication and loyalty to Tandil is truly remarkable. Together we have witnessed the growth of our city and achieved the recognition of our neighbors. In difficult times like those we have to face, public service stands out as a noble vocation, which requires commitment to the well-being of our neighbors and I know that you have had it,” he added.

Finally he stated: “Let me tell you that I am sincerely grateful for your work, your professionalism and your constant dedication to Tandil. The delivery of these medals is a small gesture of gratitude for the contribution of each of you to our community.”

The municipal agents who completed 25 years of service are: Alonso, Juan Jose Ricardo; Alonso, Mario Marcelo; Avila, Susan Veronica; Baiza, Anselm Arnald; Benavidez, James; White, Patricia Myriam Andrea; Camio, Carina Fabiana; Chop, Marcelo Martin; Clement, Adriana Hilda; Cotabarren, Liliana; Dominguez, Gabriel; Fernandez, Richard Benjamin; Flowers, Sylvina Andrea; Fountains, Claudius Marcellus; Gallardo, Leopold Gustavo; Garcia Spider, Ishmael; Garcia, Gaston Adrian, Garcia, Maria Del Carmen; Guillenea, James; William, Hector Ariel; Churches, Lucius Nestor; Stone, Hector Edgard; Lopez, Mario Cesar; Lopez, Maurice Gabriel; Loyola, Ignatius; Maldonado, John Manuel; Maretoli, Laura Andrea; Martinez, Leonard Gaston; Melzi, Hector Louis; Michael, Joseph Maximilian; Mucklowe, Mary Carla; Naccaratti, Charles Ariel; Peace, Augustine Joseph; Picallo, Manuel; Quinones, George Martin; Recchia, Michael Angel; Richard, Edith Rose; Rodriguez, Hector Osmar; Rodriguez, Lucian Edward; St. Martin, Robert Daniel; Saporiti, Walter Fabian; Scarpello, Diego Andrew; Tolosa, Norma Beatrice; Valcarce, Mary Joseph; Veron, German; Vincent, Sarah Elizabeth and Vila, Mary Gabriella.

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