On April Fool’s Day, a search for pie and ghosts

The Table Talk Pie Store is now located at the Worcester Public Market.

It’s April Fool’s Day as I write this, and the Table Talk Pie Store is closed. Turns out, it’s not open on Mondays, which is a fact I didn’t know. It also turns out that I didn’t know it had moved to the Worcester Public Market, locating first from the old Table Talk building, which is now partially demolished, and then briefly down Green Street a bit.  

I’m disappointed. There are very few places you can get a hot blueberry pie buried in whipped cream, and a caramel drizzle relatively cheaply, but I am happy that’s it’s just closed for the day, not permanently. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Table Talk is a big corporation, not a small indie business, but by golly, it’s our big corporation.

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