“Omnia” makes the hearts of children happy during the holy month through the “30 Wishes in 30 Days” campaign

The “Make a Wish” Foundation announced the success of its Ramadan campaign “30 Wishes within 30 Days” in fulfilling the wishes of critically ill children in the United Arab Emirates, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Hani Al-Zubaidi, CEO of the “Make a Wish” Foundation, said: We are pleased that the holy month left imprints of joy, happiness and optimism in the hearts of sick children with their families across the Emirates, at Abu Al-Rish Hospital and Magdi Yacoub Hospital in Egypt, in addition to the King Hussein Cancer Center in the Jordanian capital. By fulfilling their wishes, which varied between obtaining the latest advanced electronic devices, traveling to perform Umrah, and home garden games.

Al-Zubaidi extended his thanks and appreciation to all members of society, government and private companies, and institutions for their valuable and benevolent contributions, which highlighted the highest meanings of love for goodness and giving, which spread its wonderful spiritual fragrant hope and optimism within the hearts of children with various chronic and incurable diseases with their families, and helped them live the atmosphere of Eid joy with everyone. .

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