Officially.. Ismaily protests against the referee of his match against El Mokawloon

Al-Ismaili officially presented the reasons for his protest against the abuses that occurred in his match against the Arab Contractors, which ended in a 2-2 draw yesterday in the 30th round of the General Football League, and demanded that the match be counted in his favor.

The Ismaili statement, which was published on the official Facebook page, came as follows:

“As the memorandum included the club’s protest against the match referee for not counting a clear penalty kick for the Ismaili player Ahmed Madbouly in the 53rd minute, as he had to return to the mouse technique and make sure that there was a clear disability for the player. The memorandum also included a protest against the participation of Burkinabe Farouqa Kabore, defender of El Mokawloon, who has a 3 warnings before this match.

The first yellow card was for Farouqa during his team’s match against Zamalek in the 89th minute, while the second was in the Pharco match in the (90th) minute, while the third yellow card was in his team’s match against Vanguards of the Army in the 29th round .. Against this background, Ismaili demands the three points.

According to the list of competitions, Ismaili is considered a winner with a result in such a case, with a score of 12 zero, and the club’s complaint was documented with all videos confirming his right to his complaint.

Muhammad Shiha: I apologize for the incident between the Ismaili and the contractors

Earlier, Mohamed Shiha, the deputy head of the committee in charge of managing the Ismaili club, apologized for the unfortunate incident that took place in his team’s match against the Arab Contractors, and the withdrawal of the Dervish players due to a penalty kick.

Muhammad Shiha said, in a telephone interview with the journalist, “Hani Hathout,” on his “Match” program, which is broadcast on the “Sada Al-Balad” channel: “Praise be to God for everything. We are not talking about the result, but we are talking about justice. I apologize to all the sports community for the unfortunate scene that occurred.” I participated in it.”

He added, “I went down to protect the Ismaili players, and we were demanding our right for the referee to go to the mouse in order to see the game.”

He explained: “I asked the referee to go see the mouse and review the questionable game. He refused because the mouse confirmed his opinion.”

He confirmed, “I accept any punishment from the Disciplinary Committee, and I apologize for the incident.”

He completed: “All of our upcoming matches are difficult and cup confrontations, and we will fight in the coming period for the interest of Ismaili, accompanied by Ismaili, we will bring the team to its position and then do whatever you wish.”

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