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Move over Judge.


/// the city of Buenos Aires, on the 8th day of November of the year two thousand and twenty-three, meets the XXXIII Jury of Prosecution of Magistrates of the Nation, made up of chamber judges Javier Esteban de la Fuente -in its character of President – and Javier María Leal de Ibarra, the national senators José María Torello and Daniel Pablo Bensusán, the national deputies Ana Clara Romero and Anahí Costa, and the representative of the federal registration lawyers, Dr. Alfredo Enrique Barrau, to the purposes of issuing the final ruling in this file No. 37 titled “Doctor Walter Ricardo Bento without request for prosecution.”

The representatives of the Council of the Judiciary of the Judiciary of the Nation, Dr. Roxana Reyes, Dr. Miguel A. Piedecasas and Dr. Eduardo Vischi, intervene in the process, for the Accusation, and for the defense of the judge on trial, the private defenders, Dr. Mariano Fragueiro. Frías and Dr. Felipe Salvarezza and the official public defender designated under the terms of article 17 of the Procedural Regulations of the Jury for the Prosecution of Magistrates of the Nation, Dr. Santiago García Berro.



For all this, in response to the foundations set forth above and on the basis of the provisions of articles 53, 110 and 115 of the National Constitution and pertinent provisions of Law 24,937, its amendments and the Procedural Regulations, the XXXIII Prosecution Jury of Magistrates of the Nation, by majority,


I) REMOVE Mr. Judge Walter Ricardo Bento, head of the Federal Court No. 1 of Mendoza, for having incurred the constitutional cause of poor performance, in accordance with the provisions of articles 110 and 115 based on article 53 of the National Constitution and article 25, paragraphs 2 and 5, of law 24,937, with costs (article 39 of the Procedural Regulations).

II) SEND a copy of this ruling to the Federal Oral Court No. 2 of Mendoza for the purposes that may correspond within the framework of the case FMZ 13,854/20 of the registry of that judiciary pursued against Walter Ricardo Bento.

III) RECOMMEND to the authorities of the Social Work of the Judicial Branch of the Nation in the terms of considering 46°).

IV) COMMUNICATE this resolution to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, to the Council of the Judiciary, to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation, to the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation, to the Federal Chamber of Mendoza and to the Administration General of the Judicial Power of the Nation, for its purposes.

Sign up, get notified and stick to it. Publish the operative part of this ruling in the Official Gazette of the Nation (article 36 of the Procedural Regulations).

Javier Esteban de la Fuente (in dissent) – Javier María Leal de Ibarra – José María Torello – Daniel Pablo Bensusán – Anahí Costa – Ana Clara Romero – Alfredo Enrique Barrau

e. 13/11/2023 N° 91943/23 v. 13/11/2023

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