Offenburg: Young person dies after gun attack at school

As of: November 9th, 2023 7:25 p.m

The 15-year-old student who was injured in a gun attack at a school in Offenburg is dead. Police announced that he died in hospital. The alleged perpetrator, who is the same age, is now in custody.

A student has died after a gun attack at a school in Offenburg. The police and public prosecutor announced this in the evening. The minor succumbed to his serious injuries in hospital. The suspected perpetrator, who was the same age, was arrested in a classroom after the attack.

According to the police, an arrest warrant has now been issued against the 15-year-old. He was taken to a correctional facility. The head of the Offenburg public prosecutor’s office, Iris Janke, had previously announced: The suspect is to be brought before the responsible investigating judge later in the day to issue an arrest warrant for manslaughter.

Targeted shot at classmates

Baden-Württemberg’s Interior Minister Thomas Strobl said the authorities “assumed it was a lone perpetrator who acted for personal motives.” The police currently have no indication of a political background to the crime. “Perpetrator and victim obviously knew each other,” he quotes SWR the press spokesman for the Offenburg police.

According to police information, the Offenburg police headquarters received several emergency calls at midday that there had been a shooting in a school in the city. The first emergency services were on site a few minutes later. An injured teenager was found at school and was then treated by an emergency doctor.

Another young person had previously entered a classroom, approached his classmate and fired at least one shot at him from a handgun. “As a result, he suffered serious injuries,” said a police press release. The suspect was held by one of those present until the police arrived.

Large-scale police operation

According to a press release, the police were on site with more than 300 emergency services. The school was temporarily closed. The officials spoke of a major operation. Residents reported helicopters circling over the area for hours.

Around 180 students initially had to stay in the classrooms, but were then able to leave later. They were initially looked after by psychologists and specialists, but were then able to return to their parents, as the police reported.

Interior Minister Strobl thanked the emergency services and expressed his “sincere condolences” to the relatives of the young person who was killed. The minister wished the students and teachers who witnessed the attack “that they can process what happened well.”

According to its own information, the Waldbachschule in Offenburg is a special education and advisory center with a focus on learning. Pupils are taught in 15 classes.

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