Nvidia: Artificial intelligence opens the door for everyone to become a programmer

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said that AI now everyone can become a programmer because all they need to do is talk to a computer, hailing the end of the “digital divide”.

Nvidia has become the world’s most valuable semiconductor company as a major supplier of chips and computing systems for artificial intelligence.

Last week, the company predicted that second-quarter revenue would be more than 50% higher than Wall Street estimates. It said it was boosting supply to meet growing demand for artificial intelligence chips, which are used to power “ChatGPT” and many similar services.

Speaking at the Computex Forum in Taipei, Huang said, “Artificial intelligence is driving a revolution in computing.”

He added, “There is no doubt that we are in a new computing age. In every computing age, you can do different things that were not possible before, and AI certainly qualifies.”

“The programming barrier between people is incredibly low. We’ve closed the digital divide. Everyone can code now, you just have to talk to the computer.”

Huang talked about what AI can do and also unveiled several new applications, including a partnership with the world’s largest ad group WPP for AI-powered formative content for digital advertising.

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