Novak Djokovic’s rival Cameron Norrie pulls the beef at the French Open: ‘I’ve never seen that before’

Top-ranked Brit Cameron Norrie blasted the attack and put Novak Djokovic in the crosshairs.

The war of words between the couple flared up again when Nuri criticized the Serbian star for his failure to apologize after their recent confrontation.

Djokovic knocked out Nuri during their last-16 clash earlier this month at the Italian Open, but criticism was circulated during the match.

World number three Djokovic was furious with his counterpart after being hit in the leg by the Briton.

As they came together in the net, a frosty handshake unfolded as Djokovic’s anger took hold and he saw him come down during his press conference.

“From the very beginning, he’s been doing all the things he’s allowed,” Djokovic said.

“He was allowed to take a medical reprieve. He is allowed to hit a player. He is allowed to say “come on” to his face more or less at every point of the first game. These are the things we players know in the dressing room. It’s not fair play, and it’s not the way we treat each other.”

With both men now preparing for their second round encounters at the French Open, Nouri decided it was time to reignite the feud.

The world No. 13 responded by shooting the 22-time Grand Slam winner saying the star was throwing the bases in his favour.

“He wanted more time on the physio bed and the match was scheduled for 11am,” Nouri said. “And we went out maybe 11:12 am, 11:13 am. I don’t think he saw any problem with that.

“He never said anything to me. And he never apologized. “Is it okay to do that?” I asked. they [the officials] He said, “Yeah, that’s within the rules.” After 15 minutes, it defaults. “Okay,” I said, and kept warming up. I’ve never seen that from any player before. No matter if it’s a tennis match or not, you show up on time no matter what.

“I wanted to win, it was one of those games where he was one of the best players in the world and I wanted to play my best and compete as hard as I could. I didn’t think I was in his face at all. I guess, if anyone knows me, I’m honest about some matches. It was an ordinary tennis match for me. I was feeling a little sore in my thighs and took the medical timeout. It’s within the rules. And for him, too, it is a rule that he starts the match in his own time – the delay. “

Despite upsetting the Serb by smashing his uppercut, Nuri said he apologized immediately.

“I immediately apologized and did not see him. I looked up and hit the ball down,” he said. “I didn’t see him turn around and concede the point.”

Djokovic sparked controversy after winning the first round with a message he wrote on a television camera lens as he exited the court.

Kosovo is the heart of Serbia. Djokovic wrote when the message was shown on the big screen.

The letter angered the country that declared independence from Serbia in 2008.

Djokovic and Nuri are both in the top half of the draw and could face each other in the semi-finals.

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