“Nothing New in the West” director is set to direct new “Jason Bourne” action thriller

After the internationally acclaimed “All Quiet in the West,” director Edward Berger is in talks for a new “Bourne” film for Universal.

With the new film adaptation of author Erich Maria Remarque’s bestseller “Nothing new in the West” The Austrian-Swiss filmmaker Edward Berger achieved international success on the streaming platform Netflix. There, the war drama is currently in ninth place on the all-time list among non-English-language films with 52.1 views and 129.4 million hours streamed. Even more: “Nothing new in the West” was nominated for an Oscar in a total of nine categories, including Best Film and Best Foreign Language Film. At the 95th Academy Awards, the German entry received a total of four Oscars. A highlight for German film and for director Edward Berger.

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Now Berger, who has previously appeared with episodes on “Schimanski”, could “Crime scene” and „The Terror“ was able to attract attention, achieve an international breakthrough in the mainstream: how Deadline Reportedly, Universal Pictures is working on reviving the „Bourne“-Row. Pre-production is said to be in a very early phase. No wonder, alongside the actors, the union also went on strike for several months Writers Guild of America (WGA). The industry newspaper claims to have learned from sources that Berger is in negotiations to participate in the new action thriller. Accordingly, he should oversee the project and direct it.

Berger has just finished filming the thriller “Conclave” with Ralph Fiennes, Stanley Tucci, Isabella Rossellini and John Lithgow, which is scheduled to be released in cinemas in 2024. A “Bourne” film would of course be of a completely different caliber. The action series, based on author Robert Ludlum’s series of novels about the character Jason Bourne, includes a total of five films that were released between 2002 and 2016. Especially the first film by Doug Liman, “The Bourne Identity”, shaped the action genre for years to come with a style that brought the audience very close to the action and redefined the genre’s level of realism. The film was so groundbreaking that even the… „James Bond“-Honor my Daniel Craig oriented towards that. There were really badass stunts in other action works too. We’ll show you the five best stunts in our opinion Video.

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New “Bourne” Movie: Will Matt Damon Return?

With the project reportedly still in its very early stages, it’s not clear at this point whether Matt Damon will return as rogue agent Jason Bourne. The 53-year-old should only be contacted once a script has been written and is deemed good. There’s a reason for that: the Hollywood star should agree to the script “The Bourne Ultimatum” downright hated (via Screen Rant), which is why he initially dropped out of the series. Universal then tried to move on without Damon. This is how it came about “The Bourne Legacy” with Marvel star Jeremy Renner as Agent Aaron Cross, who should have inherited the action franchise. Damon has appeared in every Bourne film except for 2012’s The Bourne Legacy. He last appeared in his biggest action role in the fifth part in 2016 „Jason Bourne“ to see.

However, the question arises as to whether Damon, at 53, is still willing to undertake the physically demanding training for the role. In this regard, fans can rest assured: In the Dan Patrick Show He expressed himself positively about this:

“If there’s a good story, you’re never too old to play that guy. I would possibly love another one [‚Bourne‘] to rotate.”

Let’s hope that Edward Berger can convince him.

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