Nico Williams’ decision

Maybe there are no professionals in the club prepared to manage the matter. As has been demonstrated elsewhere.

The easy thing is to put all the blame on the kid, the footballer and his environment.

Doubting his football level with what he has been showing is blind. And a head warmer for him as a person.

Others have left here and others will continue to leave.

As a simple Athletic fan and its managers, the only thing left for them to do is to make Athletic as big as possible, a squad where the level is adequate, where they can fight for beautiful things and so the professionals not only do not hesitate to stay or sign but are also the agents who offer themselves.

For me, the statement that Athletic is better for Nico because he is going to play every game, in addition to being a lie, may be one of the explanations why he was thinking about it a lot.

Nico has already suffered in his head, which could mean that Athletic loses or does not reach expectations, especially if it is due to his individual actions. Iñaki or Muniain also know that, for example, football and its fame is very ephemeral. and it can turn into quite the opposite.

When bad things happen and of course the first team shows no signs that this has changed, after finals where they have not competed or seasons and seasons without entering Europe, although they continue to earn a lot of money, I don’t think that with Nico Let money be the main issue. And this is what should make the club’s managers and perhaps many fans think.

Nico is a gem, perhaps since Julen Guerrero a player from the house does not show such special characteristics on the field, which attracts the rest of the clubs that have huge amounts of millions to spend

What can Sancet think if Nico ends up leaving so prematurely? Each player tries to reach their highest ceiling in their profession, of course for Athleric how serious things are when that ceiling can be very high.

It is not about renewing Sancet and/or Nico, then comes the next thing…what objectives does the club set, what demands are there for professionals, players, but also technicians, sports directors, we have the subsidiary in second ref, as has been Has it come to that?? Well, most people have seen it as normal and now they clap their ears because they win…everything.

Having Sancet, Simon, Nico requires and causes optimization of everything else that may surround them, Julen renewed yes and Iñaki for many years so that they would not leave and then???, we must surround them, empower them, dose them.

Precisely the left back is the position with the most influence on Nico’s performance on his wing, it is one of the positions left to his own inertia in this case, negative inertia…

They are a group, yes, but Nico and Julen have tried what it means to play for Athletic or perform, with and against the best footballers on planet Earth and when you try it…

Julen was a lion and his only dream and objective was to defend Athletic with and against everyone. Nico is not and even if he renewed for five seasons he will become one. The first was treated as we saw, perhaps others prefer something else.

With Nico he left late, just Etxebe was the visionary who opened his eyes about what he should do on the green, Etxebe is also past…

It cannot be managed with airs of grandeur, not being as big as you think. Unique and proud, but there are many others who compete for the best, it is normal that there are players who expect this.

The thing about Iñigo Martínez is still recent…the player possibly achieves his highest level in Athletic and yet, he surrenders to the songs of clubs that allow them to fight against and with the best of the best.

1Gainza, 2Dani, 3Aduriz, 4Etxebe, 5Panizo, 6Urzaiz, 7Julen, 8Zarra, 9Rojo, 10Uriarte, 11 Iker Muniain.

Iribar, Iraola, De Marcos, Gurpe, Goiko, Urrutia, Etxebe, Julen, Aduriz, Muniain, Rojo l.

!!! Christmas, Christmas!!!.

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