Neymar tops the list of the most profitable transfers in football history

The German “Transfer Market”, which specializes in the football economy and the market values ​​of players and teams, revealed a list of the most profitable transfers in the history of the game, after the Ecuadorian midfielder Caicedo moved in a historic deal to Chelsea.

The Brazilian star Neymar topped the list of the most profitable transfers in the history of football, in his transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, and not in his new transfer from the French team to Al Hilal Saudi Arabia.

Neymar came to Barcelona from Santos at a value of 88 million euros ($96 million), then moved in a record deal to Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2017, at a value of 222 million euros, with a profit margin of 134 million euros.

Transfermarkt stated that Neymar’s transfer to Al Hilal was worth 80 million euros, which means that the Brazilian striker collected more transfer fees than any other player in the history of the sport, with 3 transfers in his career, with a combined value of 390 million euros.

Caicedo’s transfer to Chelsea jumped the player to second place in a record deal worth 133 million euros ($145 million), with a profit value of 128 million euros, as he came to Brighton from England from Independiente del Val, Ecuador, with 5 million euros.

As for the third place, it went to the Brazilian Philippe Coutinho, when Barcelona bought him from Liverpool for 135 million euros, after he came to the English team from Inter Milan for only 13 million euros.

And he came in fourth place, French star Paul Pogba, from Juventus to Manchester United in 2017, with a value of 105 million euros, and before that, the Frenchman was included from United in a free transfer deal in 2012.

The new Real Madrid midfielder, Jude Bellingham, was in fifth place, with a transfer from Borussia Dortmund, at a value of 133.9 million euros, as he had joined the German team in the summer of 2020 for 30.2 million euros.

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