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If you have a Samsung mobile, you have a version of Android called One UI. Today, we are going to tell you all the data about One UI 6.0the new version of this customization layer, which in this case is based on Android 14, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system.

In this article, we are going to tell you what the main new features of One UI 6.0 based on Android 14 are. We will also tell you the requirements and compatible phones that will receive this update.

What’s new in One UI 6.0

Next, we leave you with a list with all the news of One UI 6.0 based on Android 14. Thus, if your mobile updates to this new version of the customization layer you will be able to know what new things are going to be implemented:

  • Change in quick panel buttons: The layout of the quick panel and the shortcuts that appear in it have been changed. Dedicated buttons for WiFi and Bluetooth are added, and there are features like dark mode that have been moved down.
  • Instant access to the full quick panel: An option has been added in the quick options so that when you swipe down, instead of showing the quick panel with only some functions and notifications, you simply see the entire quick panel.
  • Quick access to brightness: The brightness control bar appears in the compact quick panel when you open it.
  • Better music controls on the quick panel: Improved the art and display in the player that appears when you open the quick panel while watching videos or listening to music.
  • Improvements when viewing notifications: Quick panel notifications are now displayed on different cards for better differentiation.
  • Change the lock screen clock: Now, you will be able to choose where to position the clock on the lock screen.
  • Cleaner Icons: Samsung has shortened the name of many of its native apps, eliminating terms like Galaxy or Samsung, so that they occupy only one line under the desktop icons and everything is cleaner.
  • New default font: The default font in One UI has been changed, making it now more stylized and modern.
  • Keep the popup open: Instead of minimizing pop-ups when you go to the Recents screen, they will now remain open so you can continue with what you were working on.
  • New emoji designs: Emojis have been improved in the pre-installed Samsung keyboard, with a different design that you will see in messages, social networks and anywhere.
  • Improvements when sharing photos or videos: When you share photos or videos from any app, a preview will appear on the sharing options panel.
  • More sharing options: When you share content, extra options have been added. For example, when you share a website with Chrome, you can choose to share a screenshot of the website in addition to the link.
  • Improvements in the weather app: New widgets, more information in the application, new interactive map view and better illustrations. A good facelift for the app.
  • Camera app improvements: New app-specific widgets for remote shooting options, improved alignment for watermarks, more accessible resolution options, easier video resizing options, and easier scanning of documents or adding effects to the photos.
  • Improvements in the gallery app: You can save images as stickers, the display of your story is improved, you can drop and drag with two hands, and improvements are added to quick editing options.
  • Photo editor improvements: You can make changes to drawings, stickers and texts that you add to photos, you have undo and redo options, you can create custom stickers and there are more wallpaper styles.
  • Calendar improvements: The visualization of your schedules is improved, and reminders are displayed.
  • Reminder improvements: You can see a list with all the ones you have, you can add new categories of reminders, you have more options to create them, and you can configure so that the ones you want are for an entire day.
  • Samsung browser: The browser app now supports playing videos in the background, and the tab list has been improved.
  • Smart select– It resizes and extracts text from pinned content, and when you select an area of ​​the screen, a zoomed-in view appears so you can start and end your selection at the perfect point.
  • Modes and routines: Unique wallpapers are added for each mode, new conditions can be set, and new actions are available.
  • Quick actions in the finder: When you search for an application and it appears in the results, if you keep your finger pressed on its icon you will see a series of quick actions.
  • Settings news: Airplane mode is improved so that it reminds you of the dangers if you have WiFi or Bluetooth activated, access to battery settings is improved, and the installation of unknown applications that may be dangerous can be blocked.
  • New accessibility options: Options such as the thickness of the cursor or the magnification of the options are improved.

Mobile phones compatible with One UI 6.0

Currently, Samsung has not yet given an official list of compatible phones They are going to update to the new version of the customization layer. Still, this is a provisional list with the mobiles that can be expected:

How to update to One UI 6.0

To update your mobile to One UI 6.0, the first thing you will have to do is wait for the update to arrive. Samsung will send updates at different times depending on what model you have. High-end mobile phones will receive it first, and lower-range phones will follow.

Once you receive the update, you will receive a notification letting you know that you can install it. If you don’t have the notification, you can also enter information about the phone within the settings, and there you will have the options to find operating system updates. There you can check for updates manually.

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