Namaa Charity signs a cooperation agreement for the development of education with the Teachers Association

  • Saad Al-Otaibi, CEO of “Namaa Charity”: Education is the path to self-development and it is the path to the future for societies
  • Hamad Al Houli: The partnership with “Namaa Charity” is one of the strategic partnerships that reflects a positive image of the principle of partnerships upon which the country’s development plan is based.
  • Abdulaziz Al-Kandari: Community participation plays an important role in developing education and improving its outputs

Laila El Shafei

Namaa Charity signed a joint cooperation agreement with the Social Reform Association with the Kuwaiti Teachers Association, in order to develop the educational process inside Kuwait by improving the level of education by developing the capabilities of teachers, and providing the necessary opportunities to learn and acquire the skills of quality education at the headquarters of the Teachers Association in Dasma, and in the presence of the CEO of Namaa Charity, Saad Al-Otaibi, Head of Teachers Association Hamad Al-Holi, and Head of Communication and Information Technology Abdulaziz Al-Kandari.

Saad Al-Otaibi, CEO of Namaa Charity, said that Namaa Charity seeks to build and develop an institutional system concerned with community development in an innovative, civilized way to build people through bridges of partnerships and alliances with local, regional and global humanitarian organizations, through a work environment that adheres to professional principles and ethical values ​​to achieve goals. Sustainable development 2030, and in accordance with “Kuwait Vision 2035”.

Al-Otaibi added: This agreement comes within the belief of Namaa Charity and the Teachers Association in the importance of joint cooperation to achieve the goals of Kuwaiti society groups, indicating that education inside Kuwait today includes many segments, including what Namaa Charity targets and wants to benefit from the capabilities of the Kuwaiti Teachers Association and its cadres to serve needy families As well as to strengthen the education ladder inside Kuwait.

Al-Otaibi stressed that education is the path to self-development, and it is the path to the future for societies, as it unleashes various opportunities and reduces inequalities, and it is the cornerstone on which enlightened and tolerant societies are built, and the main engine for sustainable development.

For his part, the head of the Kuwaiti Teachers’ Association, Hamad Al-Houli, said: The partnership with “Namaa Charity” is one of the strategic partnerships that reflects the beautiful and positive image of the principle of partnerships on which the state’s development plan is based, and emanating from the sustainable development goals in achieving the triangle of prosperity for the Kuwaiti society, by developing The economic structure and the preservation of environmental resources, and these goals can only be achieved through vocational and technical training to achieve the fourth goal of the sustainable development goals, which is obtaining a good education, and the basic pillar of the Kuwait plan is creative human capital, with human capital we can achieve this development plan This can only be done by enabling the trainees to acquire many skills to achieve this pillar through the philosophy of innovation based on the philosophy of problem-solving.

Al-Hooli continued: Today, Kuwait announced through its programs the adoption of the Horizon Schools project and the STEM curriculum, and this approach reflects the most important new skills that keep pace with the global development of education, through vocational training for the educational staff, which transfers them to future learners.

For his part, Head of the Communication and Information Technology Sector at Namaa Charity Abdulaziz Al-Kandari said: Community participation plays an important role in developing education and improving its outputs. Which believed in it and played its role in the civilized construction of society, to reap the fruits of that through the development and development of its societies and economy, and Namaa has worked through several partnerships to pay attention to education, including the partnership with the UNHCR, the partnership with the General Secretariat of Awqaf, and the Harf Academy of the Teachers Association, And human construction team, and other institutions.

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