“My possessions” by the Brazilian star Neymar.. A shocking will of a Brazilian fan

Not many people will like the idea of ​​leaving everything you own after your death to a multi-millionaire soccer player, but a Brazilian fan has found no one more worthy to inherit than Neymar.

The anonymous fan said that, in addition to his love for the national team and Brazilian football, Neymar’s life story is exactly like him, which prompted him to officially leave his will to the Brazilian striker.

He said in an interview with the Brazilian newspaper “Metropolis”, “I adore Neymar .. his life story is exactly like mine .. I am a person who loves my family and my family. Neymar’s relationship with his father reminds me a lot of my relationship with my father, whom God passed away.

He continued, “My health is not good, and there is no one I trust to leave my property to after my death. I do not want it to go to the government or relatives.”

The 30-year-old fan added that he had tried unsuccessfully to give his property to the Brazil international before, but the will is the legal way to do so, and the document was signed at a government office in Porto Alegre.

And Neymar, the Paris Saint-Germain player, is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, with an estimated earnings of about $85 million for the year 2023, according to Forbes magazine.

“I know that above all he is not greedy, which is a bit rare these days,” said the fan.

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