Muriel Baumeister: Sad diagnosis – The actress tries to “be positive” despite everything

the essentials in brief

  • Muriel Baumeister became famous through the TV series “A house in Tuscany” famous in the 90s.

  • The actress has since appeared in numerous productions.

  • But now she is turning to the public with a serious topic: she is suffering from breast cancer. You can find out more about this here.

Muriel Baumeister has already appeared in front of the camera for many TV productions. But the actress is currently going through a difficult time privately. She is now speaking publicly for the first time about the fact that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer of 2022.

Muriel Baumeister felt the cancer herself

In an interview with “Bunte”, the 51-year-old describes that last year she suspected that she might be Breast cancer could have been ill: “One morning, as I almost always do, I was lying in my bathtub at 6:30 a.m […] felt a relatively large lump on my left breast.” Muriel Baumeister visited her gynecologist that same day to find out for sure.

Receiving the diagnosis in the summer of 2022 was a huge shock for the Austrian-born woman. Muriel Baumeister makes it clear how bad things really were for her back then with these words:

A year ago, in July, people weren’t even sure that I would be sitting here like this today.

Muriel Baumeister doesn’t let the cancer diagnosis get her down

The TV celebrity declared war on cancer after her diagnosis and underwent several medical treatments. “I’ve had antibody therapy, chemotherapy, surgery – and I’m still doing radiation therapy at the moment,” she says. Chemotherapy was “hell on earth” for Muriel Baumeister. In the run-up to Christmas she even wanted to stop the treatment. But her son Linus persuaded her not to give up and to keep going.

The actress is now “absolutely confident” and can say that “I have done everything I could to face this cancer.” She received her last radiation therapy on Maundy Thursday. So far, no new metastases have formed. Muriel Baumeister is full of hope that it will stay that way:

I always try to be positive.

This is how the fans react to Muriel Baumeister’s diagnosis

Muriel Baumeister has been showing off her short hair on Instagram for several months now. In one of her last Instagram posts, fans are now encouraging her. “Your terrible illness makes me sad. I have great admiration for your perseverance and strength. Sending you energy, confidence and a great deal of humor to beat cancer” and “All the best and lots of courage and strength, idol of my childhood “, write just two of many users under the post. Other users also report on their experiences with the disease in the comments. “You look fantastic and it’s almost done! (I had the whole program the year before),” noted one follower.

Other tragic cancer diagnoses: Also “Rocky” star Dolph Lundgren has cancer. He recently made this public in an interview.

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