MSF: The Rapid Support Forces forced our staff to record a propaganda video for them

Doctors Without Borders said that the Rapid Support Forces forced its employees in Sudan to make a propaganda video for it.

The organization added, in a statement on Saturday evening, that the RSF stopped its convoy while it was leaving a warehouse and forced it to make a statement in front of the camera so that it would be allowed to continue its journey.

On Friday, the Rapid Support Forces published a video showing a man in military uniform alongside a group of Doctors Without Borders.

And the man asks, according to the translation, “Have you been subjected to illegal acts, extortion, threats or violence by members of the Rapid Support Forces?”

One of the crew members replied that humanitarian laws are being respected and that they are able to operate without interference from any party.

“The MSF teams answered questions, confirming MSF’s commitment to humanitarian principles: we are not aligned with any of the parties to the conflict, and our sole purpose is to support populations affected by violence who need medical assistance. Essential humanitarian assistance must be avoided as a tool.”

The United Nations reported that there have been 48 attacks on its employees in Sudan since the outbreak of fighting between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces in mid-April.

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