Moria Casan made Dani La Chepi CRY at Bailando 2023: the reasons

This Wednesday, Maxi de la Cruz appeared on the track Dancing 2023 (America) to do his salsa de tres performance. The Uruguayan comedian invited Dani La Chepi to be part of her team and the actress accepted. After doing the dance, the jury gave her back and Moria Casan He dedicated some heartfelt words to the comedian, who could not contain her emotion.

“Welcome Chepi, I only know you from the media, a pleasure to have you especially after what you already talked about. Overcoming your resilience is priceless, it has value. Extraordinary that you are here. “I saw you pouting and moving your legs before starting,” said the diva. “You are going through something that is difficult, you did it. Being on this track is not easy”Moria added.

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The actress could not hold back her tears at Moria’s words. (Video: America)

After praising the Uruguayan and his dancer, he turned to the comedian again. “Cami and Maxi are fantastic but what you did with La Chepi is really very difficult, dear,” La One reiterated. Before giving her secret vote, she said: “I wish you good omens for everything. Forward, backward or to gain momentum. Everything happens, it depends on your attitude and once you were on this track, you surpassed it by far.”

Welcome and I hope you can repeat it“, he noted before giving his secret vote. The words moved the influencerwho cried in front of the cameras after the statements of the exveditte.

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Dani La Chepi, after the leak of the alleged photo of her boyfriend

One month after Dani La Chepi told that she had a new boyfriend, They leaked the alleged photos of the man in question. However, the influencer should have clarified that that’s not Juliansino her friend’s partner.

With a humorous video, the content creator put an end to speculation: she herself showed her partner. “Juli hates networks”, he explained. True to his style, Chepi took the mistake with humor. After making a video with several fake news of her and her alleged link with different politicians, He focused on the leak of the photo of who his new partner would be.

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Dani La Chepi, after the leak of the alleged photo of her boyfriend: “How am I going to eat a friend’s husband” (Photo: Instagram Capture /danilachepi)

“We have exclusive images of LAM’s army (America), where you can see your boyfriend on your birthday,” a supposed cell phone operator is heard saying.

Immediately afterwards, the influencer read the tweet in question and explained: ““He is my lawyer and the husband of a friend, Xue.”. “Today I had a mess in the morning, all because I didn’t find out and inform correctly,” she said with a laugh and then asked that they stop confusing her with La Chipi Anchipi, Dady Brieva’s wife. “Talk to Ángel de Brito, who is the only one who knows all the real data of my life,” she concluded with pure irony.

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