More than one million dinars total “expenses” paid by the Family Insurance Fund during 2022

  • The total sums of marital alimony provided by the fund in 2022 amounted to 50,520 dinars, while children’s alimony amounted to 576,540 dinars.
  • The fund provided 296,345 childcare expenses, 1,710 kit expenses, and 5,160 pleasure expenses during the past year.
  • 2,800 dinars for marital housing, 3,980 dinars for alimony for relatives, 2,935 dinars for custody, and 129 dinars for breast-feeding.

Osama Abu Al-Saud

The Family Insurance Fund was established according to Ministerial Resolution No. 447 of 2015 AD, and it was at the level of a department that reports directly to the Minister of Justice, and its budget is included in the judicial program, and its headquarters is in the Ministry of Justice or one of its buildings. The establishment of this fund came to achieve social solidarity, as its resources are allocated to implement rulings and decisions Issued with an alimony report for the wife or the divorced woman, whether the alimony is temporary or permanent, or for the children or relatives, and which cannot be implemented according to the usual procedures.

Within the framework of publishing the details of the statistical book prepared by the Statistics and Research Department of the Information Technology and Statistics Sector at the Ministry of Justice, Al-Anbaa today sheds light on these statistics related to the management of the Family Insurance Fund of the Ministry of Justice, which is concerned with providing alimony for the wife and family until the settlement of marital cases. So that the family is not exposed to any social or psychological problems.

Fund resources: The resources of this fund can be identified in two main parts, as follows:

1- An amount allocated by the state in the budget of the Ministry of Justice.

2 – Unconditional donations and gifts (the fund management receives unconditional donations and gifts).

Fund Board:

And based on Ministerial Resolution No. 265 of 2017 AD and Resolution No. (1668) of 2018 AD, the fund has a board of directors headed by the Minister of Justice and the membership of:

Counselor/President of the Court of Appeal.

Consultant / Head of the General Administration for Implementation.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice.

Assistant Undersecretary for Family Affairs and Arbitration.

Counselor, head of the technical office at the Ministry of Justice.

The fund management manager is the secretariat of the board.

Implementation of family court rulings

The Family Insurance Fund aims to ensure the implementation of judgments and decisions issued by the Family Court by determining alimony for the wife, divorced woman, children, or Kuwaiti relatives, which cannot be implemented in accordance with the procedures prescribed for the implementation of judgments, whether due to the absence of the convict, ignorance of his residence, or the absence of apparent money from which the judgment is executed, or for any other reason.

The most important achievements of the administration for the year 2022 AD

The management of the Family Insurance Fund seeks to achieve many achievements, by providing assistance to the Kuwaiti family and extending a helping hand to it in order to preserve its safety and the stability of its family, which necessitated the concerned parties to establish the Family Insurance Fund with the aim of serving the Kuwaiti society specifically and meeting the most important needs of the family and resolving their disputes.

The achievements are as follows:

1 – The number of open files is 529 from 1/11/2017 AD until 12/31/2022 AD, including 172 files for the year 2022 AD.

2- The amounts disbursed to female beneficiaries during the year 2022 AD amounted to (1035402.689 KD) (one million thirty-five thousand four hundred and two Kuwaiti dinars and 689 fils).

3 – The amounts that were recovered by the fund management until 12/31/2022 AD, an amount of (545824.009 KD) (five hundred and forty-five thousand eight hundred and twenty-four Kuwaiti dinars and 9 fils).

4- The final account of the Fund has been prepared for the fiscal year 2021/2022.

Statistics of the amounts disbursed to beneficiaries according to the type of alimony during the year 2022 AD.

5- Number of fund files Type of alimony Amount:

Spousal alimony, including 66 files, with a total amount of 50,520 yen

Children’s alimony includes 408 files, with a total amount of 576,540 dinars

The rent for a nursery house for 267 files, with a total amount of 296,345 dinars

Alimony for several 6 files with a total amount of 1710 dinars

Expense for enjoyment with 6 files, with a total amount of 5160 dinars.

Marital housing rent for two files, with a total amount of 2800 dinars.

Alimony for 6 relatives, with a total of 3980 dinars

Previously frozen for 152 files, with a total of 95,283 dinars.

Custody fee for 8 files with a total of 2935 dinars

Breastfeeding fee for 2 files with a total of 129 dinars

The total amounts disbursed to beneficiaries, according to the type of alimony, during the year 2022 AD amounted to 1,035,402,689 dinars.

6- Statistics of the number of files by governorate during the year 2022:

The capital has 21 files, Hawally 22, Al Ahmadi 40, Al Jahra 33, Mubarak Al Kabeer 24, Farwaniya 39, a total of 179 files.

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