Morales crossed Macri harshly: “You are sick with ambition for power” | Confrontation on social networks

Mauricio Macri and the governor of Jujuy Gerardo Morales They attacked each other again in public and exposed the differences that have kept them at odds for months and that deepened after October 22, when The former president and Patricia Bullrich made their support for Javier Milei explicit.

One more time, The one who started the fight was Macriwho published, after 10:00 p.m., a tweet that said: “This is a strange country, it seems that Milagro Sala and Gerardo Morales are going to vote for the same one”in reference to the presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria (UxP), Sergio Massa.

The man from Jujuy, who continues to rage against the support of the PRO leaders for Javier Milei, that led Together for Change into a deep crisishe did not let her pass and answered him. “You have to be very sick @mauriciomacri for you to make a tweet like that at this time”.

He then shared a video of Bullrich before the general elections, where he expressed his concern about the libertarian’s “bad and dangerous ideas”, along with an ironic message: “I’m with Patricia, does that bother you @mauriciomacri?”.

“I think that Your illness is the ambition for power, that’s why you want a crazy person that you can handle.“added Moralaes about the support that the former president gave to the libertarian.

“Normal country this, with Cristina and @mauriciomacri free when they should have been imprisoned. If you want, Mauricio, I can go into details.”the Jujuy governor challenged in a last message.

The fight between Macri and Morales

Days ago, Macri and Morales starred in another fightafter the former president assured in an interview with LN+ that “it is not worth talking” with the governor of Jujuy or with Senator Martín Lousteau, whom called them “losers” for the decision to remain neutral for the runoff.

Morales’ response came via Twitter. “We are in the presence of Mauricio Macri in his worst version“He lies, he personally disqualifies him from winning in the debate of ideas, he discredits and does not take responsibility for the great responsibility he has of putting Together for Change at risk,” Morales said after the former president’s statements, to whom he warned that his problem is “the excessive ambition for power.”

The president of the National Committee of the UCR He targeted Macri for denying the country “a coherent opposition force,” contrary to radicalism’s decision to consider that the October 22 election placed them as opponents from the national Legislative Branch and with the strength of the governorships and mayoralties won.

First, he weakened and did all possible damage to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. Then, he harmed Together for Change and Patricia Bullrich. Now he only seeks prominence by supporting Javier Milei, a person with emotional imbalance and proposals that are impossible to implement,” Morales described the PRO founder’s journey during the electoral campaign.

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