Mona Fikri .. A unique Emirati experience in the art of management

Mona Fikri, who currently holds the position of Executive Director of Human Resources at the Ducab Group, is a unique and pioneering example and model in the art of management. However, this distinction came as a result of nearly 27 years of hard work, which resulted in important successes that brought her to her current position in a large group such as Ducab.

Al-Bayan was keen to highlight this successful model of Emirati women, and in exclusive statements Mona Fikry confirmed that the human resources job will not be among the extinct professions, in light of the extinction of multiple jobs after the huge technical boom, given the importance of the human element in it, because it is related to people’s lives. Stressing that this position achieves the interests of the organization and employees at the same time.

Mona Fekry talked about her beginnings and how she built her experience, and said: To date, she has achieved 27 years of experience in the field of human resources, and I joined the Ducab group in 2014, and I can say that this is one of the jobs that achieve the interests of employees and the company together, as This department always works to achieve the interests and affairs of employees, and the interest of the company in which they work, by setting frameworks for employee relations with the institution in accordance with the laws.

Regarding her joining a company specialized in the field of manufacturing, Fikri pointed out that at first she felt that this world was somewhat masculine, but with time she found that a group of women enter the company without hesitation, explaining that working in this type of company is an opportunity for women to prove itself in new and unfamiliar areas. And she stressed that Emirati women received support from the state in various fields, whether in study or work, in addition to the policies related to salaries, wages and job opportunities, all of which are in the field of empowering women, and this in turn encourages them to enter new fields.

Fikri made a number of achievements in Emiratisation, and said in this regard: National competencies occupy 70% of executive positions, and three Emiratis hold leadership positions within its manufacturing facilities. Ducab also launched three training and qualification initiatives to prepare competencies and cadres within the company’s national development program. The initiatives include the “Badayati” program, which aims to attract citizens and enable them to gain practical experience in various fields, the scholarship program, and the student training program.

Regarding the challenges in the field of personnel and human resources, Mona Fekry pointed out that the most prominent challenges in this department lie in the fact that employees often look at matters from a personal point of view, bearing in mind that the official in the department works to take into account personal circumstances in accordance with laws and regulations.

She pointed out that this administration always follows the laws, and the exceptions that can be taken into consideration must be applicable to all employees, as the system applies to everyone, and the exception must be the same, and this is what all employees may not be aware of.

Mona Fekry believes in cumulative experience, and considered that development in any field, achieving excellence and success in it, comes through the availability of a set of elements, starting with one’s love and passion for his work, passing through the desire to learn and self-development, and adherence to the basic principles of work, up to the presence in the headquarters Working and providing a distinguished quality of work, as well as supporting the strong team that is very important in any department.

Fikri saw that her ambitions, after nearly 27 years of work, lie in always having the opportunity to give and achieve in life, and to be an active member, not a passive member in life.

She indicated that she had a dream to complete her studies until she obtains a doctorate and teaches at the university, but she was unable to achieve it, so she will continue her dreams of professional achievement.

Mona Fikri sent a message to Emirati women on Emirati Women’s Day, which is to be independent and ambitious, to work in the field that she loves, and to preserve all her dreams, as she believes that women have the ability to balance many fields, as she can be a sister. And a wife and a mother, and at the same time she can be successful in her work, as she naturally possesses the ability to perform several tasks.

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