Model Luana Andrade died after liposuction

The Brazilian influencer and model Luana Andrade29, died on November 7 at the age of 29 after health complications resulting from cosmetic surgery performed at a private hospital in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Luana was admitted to the São Luiz Hospital on November 6, where she had liposuction. Two and a half hours after the procedure, the young woman suffered cardiac arrest and was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The hospital issued a statement in which they explained the following: “The patient Luana Andrade was admitted, accompanied by her family, to the unit on Monday afternoon for a liposuction procedure, performed by a private surgeon and an anesthetist hired by the family. After approximately two and a half hours of surgery, the patient presented an abrupt respiratory event and suffered cardiac arrest, and she was immediately resuscitated by the team.

“The surgery was interrupted and the patient underwent tests that revealed a massive thrombosis. She was transferred to the ICU, where she received medication and hemodynamic treatment. Despite all the efforts of the hospital team, she progressed unfavorably and she died around 5:30 am. Today, Tuesday. The cause of her death was a massive pulmonary embolism,” the letter concludes.

The funeral of Luana Andrade took place on November 8 at the Valle dos Reis Cemetery, in Jardim das Oliveiras, in the municipality of Taboão da Serra, in Sao Paulo.

Who was Luna Andrade?

Luana Andrade rose to fame for participating in the reality show ‘Power Couple Brasil’, which aired on TV Record in 2022. Her boyfriend was also on this program João Hadad, with whom he began dating in 2021 and after the program ended they moved to live together. In April of this year Luna broke the news that she had become the new assistant of the ‘Domingo Legal’ program.

The young woman also worked as a model, had a clothing brand and was very popular on social networks, where she accumulated 400,000 followers. Her last post was a photo of her at the gym where she wrote: “In my favorite place in Sao Paulo.”

Businessman João Hadad, the model’s boyfriend, wrote a sad message on his social networks: “I am devastated and living my biggest nightmare. A part of me is gone. With immense regret and with a lot of pain in my heart, I say goodbye to my Luana, my princess, my beauty. It was two years by your side and I have no words to express how happy I was. We built a beautiful story and lived our dreams intensely. In addition to being a girlfriend, you are and will always be a companion beyond life, my love.”

Hadad continued: “Today it is difficult to understand God’s plans, and I don’t know when and if I will ever process how much I will miss you in my life. You are my light, princess, I ask you to continue taking care of me and all of us from above. I will always love you, from now until eternity. Thank you so much, you will stay with me until the end. I love you”.

Luana was also a friend of the soccer player Neymar Jr. who upon learning of his death wrote on his Instagram stories: “Sad day with two very bad news. First was the attack on Bru’s parents, but thank God everyone is safe! Secondly, the death of a friend. My deepest condolences to the entire family, may God receive Luana with open arms.”

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