Microsoft hires Sam Altman, one of the minds behind ChatGPT

That all major technology companies have an eye and a half on artificial intelligence is a fact. Google has been very open with this and, among its various models and technologies, we can enjoy Bard. Meta is also very focused on the development of AI and we will have it even on WhatsApp and Apple, although it does not talk about it, has flooded iOS 17 with artificial intelligence.

Microsoft has not stood out for having its own model, but rather a very strong alliance with OpenAI to develop several of its products and, above all, to bring Dall-E 3 to your Bing Image Builder y ChatGPT 4 to your browser. The relationship is so good that Microsoft has just hired Sam Altman, who was CEO of OpenAI until a few days ago.

Microsoft reinforces its development of AI

When we talk about artificial intelligence, ChatGPT is practically a synonym. It has become extremely popular, so much so that we have a mobile application, and behind the system is OpenAI.

The company (founded by Sam Altman and Elon Musk, among others), has been one of the most important in terms of dissemination of AI capabilitiesbut also when it comes to putting tools based on artificial intelligence in the hands of users.

Dall-E surprised us all in January 2021, with each version they improve a little more and now even Microsoft’s image generator benefits from its technology. And, precisely, Microsoft and OpenAI have a common path.

The North American giant has benefited from both ChatGPT and Dall-E by including some version of them in its products. What’s more, before ChatGPT 4 came out, it could already be used on Bing. In fact, Microsoft and OpenAI had a great common project at the moment: Ignite.

However, the world of AI has turned upside down when it became known that Altman left the company (he had been fired, wow) and, now, Satya Nadella -CEO of Microsoft- has confirmed that both Altman and Greg Brockman -another of the co-founders of OpenAI- are joining Microsoft.

It will be, as Nadella himself has confirmed on Twitterto lead a new AI research team within Microsoft.


Nadella is quite active on Twitter and usually shares quite extensive messages. It’s not that he spends the day on the social network, but we learn about many of Microsoft’s important news thanks to him.

In the message shared a few minutes ago, he begins by stating that remain committed to OpenAI and they have “confidence in our product roadmap, our ability to continue innovating with Microsoft Ignite, and to continue supporting customers and partners“.

He stated that they are looking forward to meeting Emmett Shear (new CEO of OpenAI), since, as we said, the two companies have a great project in common for the future of some of Microsoft’s products. But he also welcomed Altman and Brockmann and said that They will provide them with the necessary resources so that their projects in a new advanced AI research team come to fruition..

If Microsoft has something, it is resources. In fact, a few months ago we found out that, in 2019, OpenAI needed a supercomputer to train its AI model. At that time, we had GPT and GPT 2 was already being worked on. OpenAI was a startup, but Microsoft invested 1 billion dollars to make Azure the company’s exclusive cloud services provider.

So, OpenAI had the technology, but Microsoft had the muscle and the money to develop it, hence the good relationship between both parties has been maintained until today. With this move, we will see what happens with the relationship between Microsoft and OpenAI, and also what they are capable of developing internally.

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