“Meteorology”: Al-Saman is the highest temperature today, at 48 degrees, and Abha is the lowest

The National Center of Meteorology expected the maximum and minimum temperatures today, Friday, for some cities in the Kingdom. Al-Saman records the highest temperature with 48 degrees, while Abha records the lowest temperature with 20 degrees Celsius.

And the Meteorological Center stated, through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, that the expected maximum temperatures today are as follows: Al-Suman 48 degrees Celsius, Al-Ahsa and Al-Dahna 47, Dammam, Hafr Al-Batin and Al-Kharj 46, and Medina 45 degrees Celsius.

The temperatures in the cities of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Riyadh, Buraidah and Rafha are 44 degrees Celsius, Arar, Sakaka, Yanbu and Al-Majma’a 42, Jeddah 39, Jizan and Turaif 38, Al-Qurayyat and Al-Qunfudhah 37, Abha and Al-Wajh 32, Al-Baha 30 degrees Celsius.

As for the minimum temperatures for some cities, they are as follows: Abha 20, Al-Qurayyat 21, Turaif and Al-Baha 22, Buraidah, Hail, Al-Kharj and Al-Wajh 26, Sakaka, Yanbu, Al-Ula, Bisha, Rafha, Al-Majma’a and Al-Dahna 27, Riyadh, Jeddah and Arar 28, Medina 30, Makkah Al-Mukarramah 31 degrees Celsius. .

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