Messi, from the first match during which he was expelled, to crown the World Cup in Qatar .. “Apple TV +” broadcasts a documentary about the legend with Argentina

The “Apple TV+” streaming platform announced – yesterday, Tuesday – that it will show a 4-episode documentary series that closely accompanies Argentina captain Lionel Messi during his journey with the national team to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“Apple TV +”, which did not specify a date for the series’ presentation, stated that the series “accompanies behind the scenes exclusively the world star Lionel Messi,” who scored 7 goals in Qatar, including two in the exciting final match that ended with his country’s victory over France on penalties after they tied. 2-2 in normal time, then 3-3 in extra time.

The series – produced by “Smuggler Entertainment” – traces Messi’s career with the Argentine national team since he wore his colors for the first time in 2005, in a match in which he received a red card upon entering the stadium, up to his winning the Golden Ball for the seventh time at the age of 35, during the Fifth World Cup. in which he participated.

Streaming platforms have been competing fiercely for years in the field of sports documentaries, as these documentaries seek to attract subscribers, although they do not directly broadcast almost any sports matches, due to the high cost of obtaining broadcast rights.

Among the series that achieved great success in this context on television broadcasting platforms, comes the 10-episode documentary “The Last Dance” – which was shown by “ESPN” and “Netflix” (Netflix) in the midst of the Covid pandemic – 19 in 2020 – about the last victory of the Chicago Bulls with its star Michael Jordan in the NBA in 1998.

Lionel Messi announced his departure from the French team, Paris Saint-Germain, after playing in its ranks for two seasons, but without specifying the club to which the former Barcelona star will move.

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