Messi decides his position on his future destination

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” claims that Argentine star Lionel Messi will play next season with the American Inter Miami shirt owned by former English star David Beckham.

The newspaper adds that the player made his decision, but has not yet signed the contract presented by the American team.

And if the information of “Marca” is true, then “Bulga” would have rejected the offer of the Saudi Crescent, estimated at one billion euros in two seasons, and also preferred not to wait for Barca to solve its financial problems.

The newspaper adds that the decision was not easy. On the one hand, Messi wished to return to Barcelona, ​​​​and his family was eagerly waiting to return to the city where his children were born, but the issue takes time and may not be guaranteed.

There were several dialogues and meetings between Jorge Messi, the agent and the father of the “Bulga” with Juan Laporta, president of Barca; In turn, the Catalan club confirmed that it can register Messi in the current summer Mercato, but it needs time.

However, “Leo” does not want to wait and repeat the experience of 2021, when he found himself outside the club and had to leave for Paris Saint-Germain.

As for the fabulous Saudi Al-Hilal offer – as it is impossible for him to obtain a salary of one billion euros in two seasons anywhere else – it was not attractive at the sports level, and Messi wants a competitive tournament in which he plays in preparation for his participation in full fitness and physical strength in the 2024 Copa America, and this – according to the newspaper – It will not be achieved in Saudi Arabia, and an additional factor is the Messi family’s refusal to live in Saudi Arabia.

The solution for him was the American Inter Milan offer, as Messi wanted to move away from playing at the high level in Europe. The newspaper adds that the American League is a strong tournament, but it is not like the European leagues, but it is a competitive and public tournament.

The pressure in the American League is less, and living in America is tempting for the family, in addition to the fact that the city of Miami has many Spanish speakers, and this is an additional factor for Messi and his family. On the financial level, the offer is good, and that is why Messi chose Inter Miami.

And the Catalan newspaper “Sport” reveals that the American team’s offer amounts to $ 54 million per season, or more than $ 1 million per week.

And the British newspaper “The Athletic” explains that international companies such as “Adidas”, “Apple” and the American League were hoping to attract the Argentine captain to the United States through lucrative contracts and business deals.

It is noteworthy that Messi owns a fabulous apartment in Miami, worth about $ 9 million, overlooking the beach.

In turn, the Catalan newspaper “Sport” stated that Messi is trying to search for any way to return to Barca, even for one season, at the end of which he will bid farewell to the “Blaugrana” fans.

His father is trying hard with Al Hilal Saudi Arabia or Inter Miami to contract with him and loan him for one season to Barca, but this proposal is very difficult for any of the parties to go through because the Saudi and American teams want to include the player directly.

During the last meeting between Laporta and Jorge Messi, this proposal was discussed, but it was not possible to find the ideal formula for the process to bear fruit.

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