“Message to America”… What are the details of bin Laden’s word that spread…

Over the past few hours, social media sites have been buzzing, especially in America, with a letter written by the leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Ladenduring the year 2002, noting that “the message will reshape public opinion in America, especially with regard to the current events in Gaza“.

The American activist on the TikTok platform, Lynette Adkins, followed by nearly 12 million users, posted the message: She commented by saying: “I want everyone to stop doing what they are doing now and go read a letter to America. I feel like I am going through an existential crisis right now.”

In this context, the American “CNBC News” website said, “Many TikTok users shared the old message, while some expressed their support for what Osama bin Laden wrote, and many of them justified the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, as they saw that “The attack was retaliation against the United States.”

Social media pioneers circulated excerpts from the letter, which opened the door wide for a long discussion, especially after The Guardian newspaper, which had previously published the letter nearly 20 years ago, deleted it.

Commenting on the deletion of the message, a spokesperson for The Guardian told The Daily Beast, “The text published on our website 20 years ago was widely shared on social media outside of its original context.”

What does the message say?
Osama bin Laden’s message, which confused an increasing number of Americans, stated: “My speech to you is about the feasibility of the war that exists between us and you, and although the circle is turning against you with the consensus of rational people among you and others, my motivation for this speech is compassion for the children and women who are killed, wounded, and displaced in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are unjust and aggressive.”

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Osama bin Laden continued: “Your war with us is the longest war ever in your history and the most costly to you financially. As for us, we only see it as its beginning has passed and half of it has passed, and if you had asked your wise people about it, they would have answered you that there is no way to win it because things have beginnings that indicate their end and beginnings that bear witness to them.” Given its consequences, how will you win a war led by pessimists and whose soldiers are committing suicide?

He added: “If terror enters the hearts of men, winning the war becomes impossible. How will you win a war whose money is like a hurricane, making your economy more powerful and your dollar weaker?” He added: “The Bush administration brought you into these wars under the pretext that they are necessary for your security, or with the promise that it is a lightning war that will achieve victory in six days.” Or six weeks and six years have passed while they promised you victory without achieving it.”

He continued: “Obama came and delayed the withdrawal he promised you for sixteen months, then he promised you victory in Afghanistan and set a date for withdrawal from it, and after six months had passed, Petraeus came to you with the number six again, demanding that the withdrawal be delayed by six months from its scheduled date… and your exhaustion in Iraq continues.” And Afghanistan.”

He added: “You are fighting a war that has no sign on the horizon and has no connection to your security, and Operation Omar Al-Farouq has proven that. It did not start from the battlefields with you, and it could have started from any part of the earth,” stressing: “As for us, jihad against oppressors and aggressors is an act of worship.” It is great in our religion, and it is dearer to us than our fathers and children. Our jihad against you is an act of worship and your killing is a testimony to us. Thanks to God Almighty, we have been fighting for thirty years against the Russians and then against you, and not a single man among us committed suicide, and in every thirty days thirty men commit suicide from among you.”

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Osama affirmed in his letter: “Continue in the war as long as you wish. Their storms blew, demolishing his monuments, and to him you say… We will not stop the raids until they are gone from our pastures. Peace be upon those who follow guidance,” adding: “Continue in the war as long as you wish, for justice is the strongest army and security is the most comfortable livelihood you lost in your hands on the day If you support the Jews in occupying our land and killing our brothers in… Palestine The path to security is for you to remove your injustice against us.”

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