Media personality Dania Al Shafei celebrates her wedding in a modest and elegant dress

Media personality Dania Al-Shafei shared her followers on Instagram with a video clip documenting the luxurious atmosphere and distinctive arrangements that accompanied her wedding to a young Gulf man, whose identity she did not reveal.

The clip showed the charming place among the trees in the open air, which was equipped with flowers and crystals and dominated by the color white, all the way to showing off her luxurious diamond ring and her elegant white dress with a long veil.

The Saudi media personality chose a simple wedding dress in terms of design, but very elegant, as she chose it from the Marie Truffle boutique in Dubai. It came with a soft design without any doubt or embroidery, and was narrow at the top to expand slightly with its luxurious fabric at the bottom. The dress was attached to a luxurious cape with long sleeves and an elegant cut at the top. The chest, and she chose a long veil with a soft hair accessory.

In terms of aesthetics, the bride chose to wear her hair completely with lace accessories, and applied soft makeup that highlighted the beauty of her eyes with prominent brown lipstick, and decorated herself with soft and light jewelry.

Followers interacted widely with Dania Al-Shafi’i’s elegant and modest appearance on her wedding day, and thousands of them admired her, wishing her love and happiness in her married life.

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