Media in the face of food waste

What prompted me to write about confronting food waste, and linking it to the media and its various means; The fact that this topic is one of the central issues in the human construction.. Here I refer to what my students in the Master of Media presented in the Journalism Campaigns course, through their group work project, through which they specialized in food waste and the preservation of grace, as preserving grace is a behavior and a social character, and our societies are famous for their generosity, hospitality and accommodation Banquets, however, this good social habit produced negative social phenomena, some of them environmental and others social.

The cost of food waste in the Kingdom has reached “40 billion riyals annually,” according to official statistics. You can imagine the cumulative value of this huge amount every year, and what it can contribute to the present and future of national development.

In this context, we also raise the important role that the media can play in the process of raising awareness of preserving grace, fighting habits that contradict common sense, and realistic logic that seeks to rationalize consumption in light of a world going through crises, famines, and natural phenomena such as floods and torrential rains that require individuals to tie their stomachs and muzzle them. Mouths and not intestines from hunger and poverty.

The Grace Preservation Associations are credited for their initiatives in communicating with the owners of events and their role in recycling what exceeds the needs of the occasions and presenting them to those who deserve them in the best containers with expressions of thanks and praise that the poor and the needy recite as they feed on these morsels, which almost went to the waste containers.. They have us from us. Many thanks and gratitude, and from God the great reward.

The issue of saving grace and food waste constitutes a central axis in food security, and King Faisal University has redesigned its identity based on food security and environmental sustainability to be consistent with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, so that the university linked the research outputs to its new identity to integrate the human relationship equation with the local and national industrial and agricultural community, And for Al-Ahsa to remain a green oasis that restores the freshness of the history of abandonment.

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