Media coordinator for the team: Fattouh and Sobhi are of great value and we hope that their crisis with Zamalek will end

Mohamed Murad, media coordinator for the national team, confirmed that the decision to exclude or include Zamalek players Ahmed Fattouh and Mohamed Sobhi from the national team is a first-class technical decision related to Portuguese coach Rui Vitoria.

Mourad said in statements to On Time Sport channel that Zamalek’s suspension of Fattouh and Sobhi is not technical, but for reasons related to contracting and renewal. Therefore, the national team’s technical director made his technical decision to include the two players in the national team’s camp, which will start tomorrow, hoping that the duo’s crisis with Zamalek will end as soon as possible for the benefit of the players and the club. And the team.

In the same context, Portuguese coach Rui Vitoria, the national team’s coach, said that he seeks to achieve a strong start in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in America, Canada and Mexico, by pushing the striking force at the beginning of the qualifying campaign away from the name of the competitor.

Vitoria added in the press conference for the camp for the Djibouti and Sierra Leone matches that African teams have become stronger and more organized, which makes the qualifiers difficult and there is no easy match or easy competitor.

Regarding the exclusion of Muhammad Abu Jabal from the next camp, Vitoria confirmed that each camp seeks to include 3 guards, and in the last camp, 3 guards over 30 years old were included, while in the current camp, two guards with experience were included, and a guard under 30 years old, who is Sobhi, describing Muhammad. Sobhi Banah is the future goalkeeper in Egypt, like Julio Cesar, the former Brazilian goalkeeper.

Meanwhile, Portuguese Rui Vitoria confirmed that the technical staff is currently focusing on achieving early qualification for the World Cup.

Vitoria said during the press conference held to announce the national team’s list that his decision to include the duo Ahmed Fattouh and Mohamed Sobhi, Zamalek players, was his personal decision, and based primarily on a technical opinion.

Vitoria added that he knows that the two players were suspended by their club last Sunday, but the final decision was not issued by the club, and after the club makes its final decision, the situation will be dealt with.

Vitoria confirmed that Fattouh and Sobhi are among the main pillars of the national team and are relied upon in the national team’s camps. Vitoria gave two examples to clarify his position on including the duo, as he confirmed that if a player is suspended by his club on December 26, will he be excluded from the national team’s list participating in the African Nations? In January? He also gave another example: If a player is excluded from the national team camp, will he be suspended by his club?

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