Mauricio Macri and Javier Milei open registration for the new alliance

The idea of ​​​​amalgamating the proposals that they advocate begins to grow Javier Miley y Mauricio Macri beyond the result of the ballotage. It is still not clear the list of rules and conditions or whether a new alliance will emerge from there, but there are many interested in the PRO and La Libertad Avanza (LLA) forming a new right-wing political bloc. The reasons? That the economist has the volume of governance necessary in an eventual presidency or rebuilding a new opposition to Peronism represented by Sergio Massa and, thus, try again in four years. There is a train moving and whoever wants to get on it should do so, they say in the engineer’s circle.

It doesn’t matter what happens on the 19th. Whatever happens, we need converge in a new space. Together for Change (JxC) has always been a space of power and we have lost. We need to represent a majority again together with the liberals to have the possibility of governing and transforming,” he assured Letter P a prominent national leader.

Despite the implosion generated by the Acassuso Pact, an agreement “without consultation” and “behind closed doors” between the engineer and the economist, there is a desire not to close the door to anyone. Radicals who do not agree with the idea of ​​neutrality are welcome. Gerardo Morales y Martin Lousteau and yellows who do not wish to follow Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in his project to repave the narrow middle avenue. According to him he could know Letter Psome leaders who supported the ticket of the head of the Buenos Aires government have already participated in meetings with milleistas.

Attentive to this possibility, the majority of the PRO leadership decided to cultivate a low profile and avoid the media and social networks. However, the feeling of implementing what Macri and Milei agreed in the former president’s house is thriving: providing the territorial apparatus and guaranteeing oversight in favor of the liberal candidate.

For now, not many leaders have announced that they will make their prosecutors available to the minarchist. Nestor Grindetti y Martiniano Molina they will do so in part of the Third section; Ramon Lanus, in San Isidro. Although with less enthusiasm, they will also do it Guillermo Montenegro in General Pueyrredón and Diego Valenzuela on Third of February, in addition to Joaquin de la Torre in San Miguel and some other areas of influence. Despite this desire, the financing promised by LLA to start this engine has not yet appeared.

With the dissertation he will make Patricia Bullrich This Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Deco Building in the Recoleta neighborhood, there was expectation about the laying of the foundation stone of the new space mentioned above. Under the title “What does ‘Freedom for Change’ mean?”, for now it is only a collection of strong ideas that govern the macrista and libertarian doctrines and not much more. That’s what he said to Letter P a man of constant consultation with the former Minister of Security.

Either way, it will be a relevant act. It is the first that Bullrich will lead publicly after the electoral defeat that left it in comfortable third place, but with which in recent days he began to build a fervent militias militancy. “The change is united,” the president of the PRO will proclaim before the audience and then before the press called for a conference.

The confluence of the hard PRO with the libertarian troops under construction beyond this year’s elections does not exclude anyone, but sets precedents with which a part of the leadership of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), an important partner in the Together coalition Because of the Change, I might not take communion. Everyone is well received, but anyone who does not want to get on can stay on the platform, according to the Macrista camp, where they are already looking beyond 2023.

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