Massive floods sweeping central Greece


Today, Thursday, civil defense teams in Greece began an operation to rescue dozens of residents of villages who have become stuck in them due to the floods caused by the torrential rains that fell on the great plain of Thessaly in the center of the country.

Heavy rain fell on Monday and Tuesday in the province of Magnesia, 300 kilometers north of the capital, Athens, especially its capital, the coastal city of Volos, and the villages of Mount Pelion, before falling yesterday, Wednesday, on areas around Karditsa and Trikala in Thessaly.

In many locations, floods and torrents turned streets into rivers, homes were submerged, and cars were swept away by waves, in Vlohos, Metamorfosi, Palamas, Keramedi and Varkadonna, where power was cut off.

The storm, called “Daniel,” which experts described as “a rare phenomenon in terms of the amount of water that fell within 24 hours,” has led to the death of 4 people so far and at least 6 are missing, including two Austrian tourists in Peleu, according to what was announced. Austrian Foreign Ministry today.

Helicopters, fire brigades and army forces are transporting evacuees to Karditsa Stadium, according to images broadcast by television stations.

These bad weather conditions come in the wake of devastating fires this summer in Greece that left at least 26 people dead.

In Turkey and Bulgaria, which border Greece, heavy rains in recent days have killed 12 people.

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