Massa and Milei finalize details for the presidential debate

Milei said that Lula is “communist and corrupt” and insisted that he will break relations with Brazil

True to his style, Javier Miley said Lula Da Silva He is “communist” and “corrupt.” The statements of the presidential candidate of Freedom Advances (LLA) took place in an interview, where he spoke about the guidelines of his government’s foreign policy with Brazilin case of winning the runoff ante Sergio Massa. Meanwhile, a few days before presidential debatenow it can check where I vote.

In the last few hours, through YouTube, an interview was broadcast that Javier Miley granted to renowned Peruvian journalist Jaime Bayly, in which he spoke about his government proposals, the elections, the economy and Argentina’s relationship with countries in the region, among other topics. In relation to foreign policy guidelines, the focus was placed on links with Brazilthe country’s main trading partner.

“I wouldn’t meet with Lula da Silva. “He is corrupt and that is why he was imprisoned and he is a communist,” he stated. Javier Mileywhen asked about what his foreign policy and relations with Brazil will be like if he becomes president.

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