Margaret Thatcher was a great leader

November 12, 2023 – 21:53

In the thematic axis of foreign relations, the candidates from La Libertad Avanza and Unión por la Patria spoke about the Malvinas issue and the former British prime minister.


During the foreign relations block of the last presidential debate Before the runoff, the presidential candidate of Freedom Advances (LLA), Javier Mileispoke about the Malvinas issue and about the former prime minister Margaret Thatcher. “In the history of humanity, there have been great leaders. Thatcher played a significant role in the fall of the Berlin Wall,” he pointed.

The issue was opened after the candidate of Union for the Homeland (UP), Sergio MassaI will ask him if for him -Javier Milei- and for his space, the Falklands are Argentine. “We consider that the Malvinas are Argentine. Victoria is the daughter of a hero from the Malvinas and we are going to exhaust all diplomatic avenues so that the islands become Argentine again. “Enough of that cheap nationalism”the libertarian responded.

In response to those statements, the Unión por la Patria candidate replied: “Thatcher is an enemy of Argentina, yesterday today and always. Our heroes are absolutely non-negotiable, even if Thatcher is a figure for you, For me it is not”. Along those lines, Massa added: “You said that Margaret Thatcher was your idol and that the Kelpers have the right to self-determination of the Malvinas.

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