Marcelo: Winning the Libertadores Cup is greater than Champions League titles sports

Veteran Brazilian defender Marcelo expressed his happiness at winning the Libertadores Cup for South American football clubs with his childhood club, Fluminense, and described it as the greatest achievement in his career, ahead of the Champions League titles he won with Real Madrid.

The Brazilian club won its first title in the tournament, which is equivalent to the Champions League, after defeating Boca Juniors of Argentina 2-1 in extra time.

Marcelo (35 years old) won the Champions League title five times during the 16 years he spent with Real Madrid, in addition to winning the Spanish League title six times, the Spanish Super Cup five times, the Club World Cup four times, the European Super Cup three times, and the Spanish King’s Cup twice.

In total, Marcelo was part of the winning team in 18 of the 21 final matches in which he participated at club level.

Marcelo participated in yesterday’s match starting from the beginning before being replaced during the break between halftime after returning to his childhood club last February following a period he spent in the ranks of the Greek Olympiacos after his departure from the Spanish capital giant.

Marcelo told ESPN: “Real Madrid will understand this. This is the most important title for me at club level, because this is the club I grew up in. I won a very important title with the club closest to my heart. The club that gave me all the tools required to restore Launching my career…this is the biggest reward…priceless.”

After winning the Copa Libertadores and the Champions League, Marcelo joined a distinguished group of 15 players who succeeded in winning both tournaments, led by Ronaldinho, Neymar and Julián Alvarez.

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