Mango Week in Al-Ula.. Important economic opportunities for farmers and competitive products

As part of the strategy to enhance the economic tributary in Al-Ula, the mango week was launched a few days ago, which celebrates one of the most important agricultural products in the governorate, as part of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula’s efforts to enhance the competitiveness of the presence of various products in the local market.

According to the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate, the mango week coincides with the seasonal harvest period for the production of Al-Ula farms from one of its most important agricultural products, noting that mangoes, along with dates and citrus fruits, are essential elements for food sources in Al-Ula and other cities and countries.

Mango Week is a window on a competitive agricultural product within the bounties of Al-Ula farms, which is one of the tributaries of building a sustainable agricultural future that supports economic opportunities for various farmers.

The mango week is gaining a qualitative presence, the first of its kind, to celebrate one of the most important agricultural products, in an agricultural cultural experience that the Mansheya market embraces during the mango harvest season.

The Royal Commission has great contributions in supporting farmers and training them to benefit from the fertility of Al-Ula’s lands and the sweetness of its waters, in addition to marketing, displaying and selling their products properly, which was reflected in Mango Week, with its heavy presence and large sales.

The mango cultivation area in Al-Ula Governorate is 255 hectares, while 1,600 tons of mangoes are produced annually.

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