Majed Al-Sweegh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tabuk Agricultural Development

Tabuk Agricultural Development Company announced that the company’s board of directors decided to appoint “Majid Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Sweegh” (an independent member of the board of directors) to become chairman of the board of directors, instead of “Al-Waleed Khaled Saleh Al-Shathri” (a non-executive board member).

The Tabuk Agricultural Company stated (in a statement on the Saudi Tadawul website) that the decision will be activated as of September 3, 2023 AD.

She added that Majid Ahmed Al-Sweegh holds a master’s degree in Islamic finance in 2018 from the General Council for Banks and Financial Institutions, and a BA in Japanese language from King Saud University, and holds a masterclass in building organizational leadership that leads change and implements strategy from INSEAD Professional University – College of Business Administration.

He also has more than 25 years of experience in the financial, economic and administrative field in banks, banks, financial investment companies and entrepreneurship, and in the field of consulting, management and strategic planning for companies, training and technical and financial analysis.

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