“Madrid rules out signing Mbappé,” says SER. The network destroys them

The mattress that the Madrid press has been reporting with the signing of Kylian Mbappé by Real Madrid is of astronomical proportions. They have been weeks, months, years, giving us trouble with the tictacwith the Florentino, sign him and with him Mbappé cannot say no to the best club in the world and blah, blah, blah. Palique living in the clouds, a constant Malay drop about that if it is not this summer, it will be the next one, or the next one at the latest, and that their destinies are destined to cross. The caveman’s obsession with taking for granted a signing that has never been in the bag is sick. But this Wednesday, it seems that things have changed.

It has been Jesús Gallego in the Sports Carousel of the SER who has verbalized some words that have stirred up the meringues. On a station where water constantly dances around the president of Real Madrid, and who fill their mouths talking about Su Florentineza and? everything you can and that they would surely sign the French player from PSG, they surprised a few minutes ago by saying that Real Madrid rules out the signing of Kylian Mbappé even if the Frenchman decides not to renew with PSG. The announcer’s exact words were: Real Madrid has definitively ruled out the Mbappé operation. Next summer Madrid will not be there, when Mbappé does not renew and decides her future “. And they justify it with three reasons: “An economic strategy, if Mbappé came, first you would have to pay an impressive purchase clause for the freedom letter. And those who earn the most, earn between 9 or 10 million like Bellingham, the franchise player… Are you going to bring one to earn more than triple?; the second, sporting strategy, he would arrive at Madrid at almost 26 years old, and his strategy is to sign players of 19, 20 or 21 years old, who have believed until they are consolidated; and the third is that in the social mass of Madrid, Mbappé is not liked for leaving them in the lurch”:

Immediately, maximum laughing stock on networks. Many users have destroyed them for the usual sufficiency of Madrid, of believing that they are the masters and lords and not accepting that they have made a fool of themselves:

We will see if tictac tictac They put batteries in it to return to the topic in the summer or the clock has died completely. For now, au goodbye.

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